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08.12.2014 AAQG Meeting

Posted in Business on August 14th, 2014

Ann welcomed members and guests to the August meeting.  The meeting started with our program,  Jeremy Landauer from Landauer publishers here in Des Moines.  She also brought author and designer Janet Pittman.  They discussed the process of getting a book published.  They have published many of the Thimbleberries book by Lynette Jensen.

Ann announced the open positions on the board and discussion on committees that would help make the board members easier.  It takes everyone to make the guild and we need volunteers to step up and help out.  Without the board who knows what could happen to the guild.  The guild has been here for over 20 years and for all of it to dissolve would not be good for the quilting community.

Connie talked about the expenses of the quilt show- which brought to light how much money is needed to make a fantastic show.  The revenues from the show help fund the speakers we have.  Many said they wanted classes at the show but yet attendance was down so we lost money on that.

Sandy highlighted the theme for the quilt show and encouraged the group to make blocks for the raffle quilt.  However, if it can’t be completed before next month don’t take a block.  The quilt will be quilted by the Amish ladies.

Christy talked about the finances of the guild- we have enough to make it another year if we don’t have a show.

Lin talked about the benefits of becoming a member of the board and spoke of the upcoming programs that she has booked.

The Director at Large gals announced the winner of the bucket list, tip of the month and the grand prize winner.  Door prizes were awarded.  Birthdays were honored.  Refreshments and fellowship ended our program and the 2013-2014 year came to a close.

This is my last report as secretary and I was hoping someone would step up and continue reporting what happens at the meetings.  If you are interested please contact me.  I’m not sure the direction the guild is taking since we have 5 or 6 positions open and the president can not and will not carry the load for 135 members.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper