Donation Quilt Supplies


In order to help the guild members help us reach our goal of 100 donation quilts for the 2014-2015 Guild year the board has decided that the guild will continue to provide backing and batting for all members that request the supplies.  Please bring your quilt top to the sew-ins or the Guild meetings and the Sew-In Committee will prepare the items for you.  The batting was purchased with the guild’s money.  The backing has been provided by guild member volunteers.

Guild members have also donated other fabrics that are put into kits to create donation quilts.  The kits may be picked up at the Guild meetings.

We are continuing to have quilts available at different stages of creation so that members that are interested in one stage of the quilt may do so.  For example, if you love doing binding during t.v. viewing then you may pick up only the quilts that need binding.  If you want to get practice with your new long arm or a new long arm design then you can pick up the quilts that need quilting.  If your favorite joy is just piecing then by all means pick up a kit!!  Of course, if you want to create a quilt from beginning to end you most certainly can do so!!  The choice is all yours!!!  We believe more hands bring greater rewards!!

Happy Creating!!!!