AAQG 10.03.2017 Board meeting

Members present: Anita Allwood, MaryLee Martz, Louise Whitlow, Jean Taft, Carol Westercamp, Janet DeJager, Cecilie Vogt, Terri Henkels, Debbie Groff, Beth Hromyak, Linda Schlenker, and Ramona Tapper.

The meeting was called to order and the 2018 Quilt Show raffle quilt was shown, binding will be sewn on by Jean Taft.  There needs to be a label attached to it- any volunteers?

Don’t forget membership dues this month.  November we hope to have the membership directories available.

Beth reminded the group that if there is an expense and a check is needed there MUST be documents attached with it.  The audit was a success.

Dinner with the October speaker, Jane Sassaman will be at the Uptown Restaurant at 5:00 PM October 10.  “Paint Your Barn” sign up deadline is the Oct Meeting.  If you have any topics or speakers for future meetings let Anita Allwood know these suggestions.

Jean has name tags for guests- these will just say guest, and are not for the guests to keep.  Door Prize winners need to stand up to be recognized.  The 1st block techniques will be starting in October.  Remember these are new techniques and a learning experience.  There will be a short demo after the meeting.  Treats for October and November are all filled.  The Spool challenge name tag is at the October meeting.

Cecilie announced that the contract for the retreat has not be signed yet and there may be an increase.  Just waiting for the figures to come in.  The date had been locked in.

Janet plans on reaching out to the vendors for the quilt show.  The contract for the FFA building has not been signed yet.  The date is locked in and the price should be the same as last year.

Carol still needs a chair elect for communications.  This would be a great position for someone to share the responsibility and learn from the Master!  Carol is also looking for more Quilt Turning stories or any stories from reviews (positive) from quilt places that you have been to.  Or if you know of a great fabric garage sale.

Items for the Santa North Pole Village need to be turned in this month as the show is the first Saturday in November.  Let MaryLee know if you are working on items and what they are.  She had patterns and some fabric set out in September for some projects.  The need for table runners and table toppers with a Christmas or holiday theme are needed.  There will be a need to help that day in the booth.

Donation quilts- there are still a lot of quilts in storage that need to be distributed.  Some of the places that the quilts from 2016-2017 were donated are as follows:  Hope Ministries, Children & Families of Iowa, Kadin Kloset and Something Pathways which I think was a senior center.  Linda was not expecting to distribute the donation quilts until after SNPV.

Jean motioned the meeting end and Janet seconded the motion.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper