AAQG 11.07.2017 Board Meeting

AAQG 11.07.2017 Board Meeting

Members present: Linda Schlenker, Ramona Tapper, Ginger Green, Beth Hromyak, Carol Westercamp, Debbie Groff, Anita Allwood, Jean Taft, Cecilie Vogt, Terri Henkel, Louise Whitlow.

Linda called the meeting to order and last month’s secretary minutes were passed out.  Louise  made a motion to approve the minutes and Debbie Groff seconded the motion.

Jean Taft asked for the current membership to be e-mailed to the board.  Linda gave a report on the Santa North Pole Village which took place on November 4th.  She thought we had cleared $1000 but will wait for the treasurer to make the final call on that.  The Santa placemats from 2016 are all sold, other items that sold were: taggies, bibs, wall hanging, 2 cancer quilts, table runners and the greeting cards.  Some of the table toppers and the greeting cards will be going to Winterset.  Several members were there to help and $80+ was sold in raffle tickets.

Linda took 25 quilts to Sunnyview Nursing home; the rest will be taken to Children and Family Services.  10 or 12 will be going to the Marshalltown Vets Home.  Linda is down to 5 donation quilts so we need to start getting busy with donation quilts again.

Off the Rails Quilt shop in Bondurant will be the speaker on November 14.

Christmas fabric is needed for the craft project in December- Linda has fabric for that.  The December meeting will start at 6:30 since that is the potluck.

The spool name badge challenge is at the November meeting.  There will be a showing of the KISS blocks (Keep It Sew Simple) blocks and the next block will be revealed with a short demo.

The retreat deposit has been sent in and the prices will remain the same.  Brooke the massage therapist is unsure if she will be able to attend- but will know by December.  Cecile plans on calling the sewing machine guy to come back.  There won’t be a scissors sharper person.

There really needs to be a communication elect person to step up- also be thinking of being on the board next year as there will be several board members going off the board.  This is a great opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes and help make the decisions that shape the group for the future.  Carol needs your photo- she wants to add this to the directory so we can put names to faces.  Any quilt related stories are needed for her to add to the Facebook page- you don’t have to add you name so your privacy will be respected.

There will be a President’s challenge and Linda will be announcing that – it will be due at the February meeting.

Jean Taft motioned for the meeting to adjourn  and Anita seconded the motion.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper