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AAQG 12.12.2017 Meeting

Posted in Business on December 14th, 2017

There were 30 members present and that includes one new member for the annual Christmas potluck meeting.

Linda welcomed us to the December meeting and went over a few items that the board had discussed.

  • The minutes are on the website after each board meeting as well as the regular meetings.
  • There will be a quilt show meeting the 3rd Monday in December (12.18.17) at the Panera on Delaware Street to discuss coordinator positions. It was going to be at the church but the church is unavailable in December.
  • Guests are welcome to show their quilts at meetings but not promote their business.

The food line was then opened up- YUM!! Deb shared the answers to the Christmas movie trivia quiz she had handed out as members signed in. The prize went to the gal that had 6 correct- good job! We then learned how to make a folded star with 4 strips of fabric. There were many successes – a few failures but lots of fun and determination to complete a star!

The meeting ended with a very brief show and tell. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 12.05.2017 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on December 6th, 2017

Members present: Linda Schlenker, Ramona Tapper, Ginger Green, Beth Hromyak, Carol Westercamp, Jean Taft, Cecilie Vogt, Terri Henkel, Louise Whitlow, Janet DeJager and Terri Henkels.

Linda called the meeting to order and last months were handed out, a motion to approve by Jean Taft and seconded by Louise.

Debbie was unable to attend but had sent along a message of what had been done for the potluck next month. The Directors at large discussed what needed to be purchased for the event. Be sure to bring serving utensils for your dish as well as a beverage.

There was some discussion on having the board minutes available to the members. The minutes are posted on our website at within a week of the meeting. A few hard copies will be available at the sign in table; please don’t take these if you have access to a computer. Members are welcome to attend the meetings as they are open to the public. The minutes are also posted after the regular meeting so everyone can see what was discussed.

The printed copies of the directory will be available at the December meeting- this will not be the directory with your photos. The photo directory will be available on line- our communication person is handling that- and there are still some photos that she needs to keep this current.

The directors at large won’t be having a new Keep It Sew Simple block in December, but will have copies of the first 2 blocks. This will resume again in January.

Update on the April Retreat- the check has been sent in to reserve the dates. With the passing of Kevin, our sewing machine tech the retreat gals are looking for a replacement. He will be a hard guy to replace as he has helped us for a long time.

Quilt show update- there will be the first meeting the 3rd Monday in December (12.18.17)at the church to discuss coordinator positions. Everyone is welcome to attend! Janet would like to have kits available for sale at the show for Christmas items (baby quilts, wall hangings, or table runners). These need to be quilt shop quality so whatever doesn’t sell at the show can be made for the Santa North Pole Village craft show in November. Something new this year will be vendor led classes. This will be up to the vendor to promote the class at the show; in return we will promote the shop that is sponsoring the class. Watch for more details as this unfolds.

Janet is getting estimates on not having the drapes behind the quilts at the show, this may save some money but how would it look to see back of quilt against another back of a quilt. She also mentioned that the cost of the pipe and drape is almost the same as renting the venue where the quilt show is held.

We need your quilt stories, says the communication department. We need your support to post items on our facebook page to get the word out there about our group. You are welcome to share a story and not have your name attached to it – just see Carol for details on that. We all have a story and others would love to hear it!

The fundraising position is open – this could be a group or an individual. See Linda for details how you can help the group with this.

There was quite a lengthy discussion on show and tell. The question was is it for members only or can a guest come and show quilts? If a guest shows quilts should it be their work or should it be work they have done for someone else. Are they showing it to advance their business?

Louise motioned for the meeting to adjourn and Janet seconded the motion.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper