AAQG 03.20.2018 Meeting

Linda welcomed everyone to the March meeting and announced the open board positions.

There were 39 members and 0 guests in attendance.

We got started right away with our program of “School Days”. There were 6 stations and groups moved from station to station.  Thanks to all who presented:  Peggy Vespestad, Kathy Evers, Ramona Tapper and Sheila Arney, Carol Westercamp, Tami Watts- McPhail, and Jean Taft.

Janet DeJager gave a presentation on “How to Make a Successful Quilt Show”. The key ingredient is people!

Food- 3 or 4 people can work together for the food area. They would be responsible for the budget, menu, getting volunteers, or look for sponsors or caters.

Advertising- how to use advertising to draw in the crowds, post on facebook, is creative to get the word out there about the show.

Bed Turning- coordinates this special feature of the show. What should be on the form for entries, the stories that are told as each quilt is turned.  This is a fun story telling of the past to the present.

Raffle tickets- the sheets for selling are on the front table- get your peeps to sign the sheet and pay- these will be turned into the red tickets for the drawing. This saves time when selling a group of 5 or more.

Volunteers- last year not all the 2 hour slots were filled. This year just sign up for morning or afternoon and the quilt committee will assign a spot for you.  Worried about having to stand for 2 hours?  No worries there are a lot of sitting duties to help out.  Did you hear we need people to help anywhere!

The quilt entries form will be on the member page soon. The goal is to have 200 quilts- this means that each member needs to turn in 2.5 quilts.  These are due at the June meeting (June 12, 2018)

The theme is Christmas in July- that being said all you have to do is have a Christmas theme quilt- pretty easy. There will be a guild area- this will showcase the guild challenges and quilts made with the KISS blocks.  The guild area quilts will not be voted on just to show what the guild does.

To drape or not to drape vote will be in April. Keep in mind with the drape it makes it easier for the flow of traffic and pinning the numbers to the quilts.  It also is an expense for the guild- so you must decide what you feel is more important.

Retreat- One month from now we will be at retreat- how awesome is that? The sign up for machine cleaning and massages are at the table or contact Cecilie Vogt to sign up.  The machine lady wants to have 10 people sign up to make it worth her time since she is coming from Des Moines.  The massage lady will be available morning or afternoon but needs a break sometime in there.

The directors at large announced the challenge will be announced in April and due in June. Fabric will be handed out next month along with the rules.  Jean and Louise are still working those out.  There won’t be a charge for the fabric.

The meeting continued with door prizes, a show and tell which is so inspirational to get back into your sewing room and ended with treats.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper