AAQG 04.03.2018 Board Meeting

Members present: Debbie Graft, Janet DeJager, Cecilie Vogt, Terri Henkels, Carol Westercamp, Louise Whitlow, Ginger Green, Beth Hromyak, Linda Schlenker, Jean Taft, and Ramona Tapper.

Linda called the meeting to order and the minutes from March were handed out and read. Jean Taft approved the minutes and Ginger seconded the motion.

Janet brought up the issue: should the board minutes be published on the website. Ramona defended this by wanting the discussions of the board to be transparent for the group and will continue to post them.  There is nothing to hide.

Treasury handed out the financials and has some checks to deposit. Retreat checks will go to the bank on Saturday.

Cecilie is hoping for good weather for the upcoming retreat! 31 have signed up and will be there all weekend- only one is attending for part of the weekend.  There is still room for the massages and sewing machine cleaning.  The sign up will be at the meeting next week as well as at the retreat.

Terri is checking into the Clover Wood Camp and Retreat Center in Madrid. She wants to see if there is an acceptable place for a retreat for quilters; enough light and power!

Carol brought up starting a closed group on Facebook to get more discussions going instead of just likes on Facebook. This would mean that anyone in the group could post an item not just the administrator.  Janet discussed the difference between a closed group and just a group on Facebook.  Carol said there were 400-500 followers.

Jean announced who was bringing treats for April and only 3 have signed up for May.

Jean will announce the challenge at the meeting and it will be due in June. Kiss block #5 will be handed out.

Cindy Peters will be the program for April- she will discuss some of the purses and the Accuquilt Cutter. The machine embroidery workshop was canceled.  May our speaker will be Lori Triplett and the program is called “Pieces of the Prairie”.

Janet discussed the progress of the quilt show, here is the summary:

The member page on the website has been updated with the categories listed, the issue of the drape or no drape, Raffle tickets, the entry forms for the quilts, the volunteer sign up, and ideas for the country store items. Check this out there is a lot of information posted.

Linda Schlenker volunteered to be the food chair for the show. 13 Vendors have signed up to attend the show- a big thanks to Debbie for calling the vendors for Janet.  Anita will take the raffle quilt on the tour of quilt shops. Anyone wanting to help co-chair this year with Janet or to help Kim next year would be appreciated.

Raffle tickets can be sold now, April will be the voting to drape or not to drape with a simple yes or no. The goal is to have 200 quilts for the show.

Santa North Pole Village- still looking for someone to head this up. Quilts are needed for this and any help is welcome.  Ginger has some patterns that would work.  The kit idea that was discussed earlier is a no go.

Anita would like to take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to discuss what can be done to fund raise for the guild. A date was not decided on as there were many conflicts with schedules.

Debbie motioned the meeting to adjourn and Janet seconded the motion.

Peicefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper