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AAQG 05.08.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on May 9th, 2018

Linda called the meeting to order – there were 39 members present and 2 guests.

A huge thank you went out to the gals in charge of the retreat: Cecilie Vogt, MaryLee Martz, Kim McAllister and Terri Henkels. What an awesome time we had!

Spring is in the air and so are the quilt shows and sales in our great state of Iowa. See the table for more information.

Our speaker was Esther Heisman or was it Lori Triplett? She gave a presentation of Quilts on the Prairie. Esther showed us quilts from the 1800’s that were. in mint condition. As we listened and saw the quilts we were amazed at what women back then created with limited resources. Historical tidbits were sprinkled in which made for a great evening of learning about our past.

Anita announced that May 21 at 6:30 (Monday) there will be a meeting at the church to discuss fundraising for the guild. All the board members are encouraged to attend and any members are also welcome.

Quilt Show update: There have not been enough raffle tickets sold to cover the cost of the quilt. Janet showed the sheet for taking names and address and she can convert them onto labels.  The entry forms are on line- if you don’t have access to a computer let Janet know and she will get you a hard copy.  The June meeting is the deadline for entries.  The food coordinator for the show needs help to decide the menu and what prep work needs to be done.  The sign-up sheets are here – see the quilt show table or contact Janet.  This is Ann’s 6th year in charge of the Country Store- she would like someone to step up and take over this position next year.  Items for the country store:  panels made into quilts, baby items, small quilts as well as special rulers that you don’t need anymore, or a kit (make sure everything is in this bundle).

June will be the Director at Large challenge. There is still fabric available- see Jean if you need more.  The minimum size is 10”x12” and it must be quilted and finished. The rest is up to you- 3 prizes will be awarded.

Need some volunteers for treats in July.

Janet DeJager has purchased 50 cancer panels from Block Party Studios and if you want to make a quilt for Country Store please see Janet to sign out a panel.

Door prizes were awarded- remember you have to have a name tag on to win a prize! Show and tell followed with refreshments and fellowship.

The next meeting will be June 12.

Piecefully submitted.

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 05.01.18 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on May 3rd, 2018

Members present: Linda Schlenker, Janet DeJager, Debbie Graff, Terri  Henkels, Louise Whitlow, Ramona Tapper, Kim McAllister, Carol Werstercamp, Jean Taft, Cecilie Vogt, Anita Allwood, Ginger Green and Beth Hromyak.

Linda called the meeting to order and last month’s minutes were passed out. Janet approved and Louise 2nd the motion.

The treasury report was discussed- another check from Winterset, the shirts. Expenses were the challenge fabric this will be updated next month.

There is construction going on at the church so use the south doors.

There is still challenge fabric so it will be at the May meeting- these are due in June. The treat list looks good for this month.

Retreat- great turnout- 31 signed up, and all stayed all weekend but 1. A huge thank you to all the helpers could not have done it without you!  We also got rid of the rest of the AAQG shirts so that tote doesn’t need to be carried from place to place.  Next year it will be the first weekend of May at the same location.

Quilt show- need entries to be turned in as well as ticket sales. If you have sold any raffle tickets the money can be turned in to Janet.  The bed turning forms are on the membership page.  The need for Country store items and volunteers are needed to work the show.  Signup sheets will be at the meeting.

Kim has been working on the theme for next year’s show and was getting input from the quilt show team to see what first steps are.

Anita is working on getting together times for the board to meet for a fund raising meeting.

Some of the donation quilts will be going to a nursing home in Norwalk- Linda has been working on this.

Linda is still looking for someone to step up for the Santa North Pole Village or if we will be part of it this year. There are going to be several positions that will be open come September so if you want to be part of the decisions of the guild- step up!

Janet motioned for the meeting to end and Kim seconded the motion. The meet adjourned.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper