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AAQG 07.17.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on July 18th, 2018

Linda welcomed everyone and announced this is the last time we will be meeting at this location. August meeting will be at Methodist Church Uptown, 206 SW Walnut Street.  The treats will be at 6:30 and the meeting at 7 pm.  We MUST be out of there by 9 PM.

There were 47 members and 4 guests present.

Linda announced that we have a president, vice-president and treasurer position filled. Carol would love to have a communication elect to pass this on to someone else.

Janet announced that the quilt show broke even this year. Admissions were up, 400 likes on Facebook, the food, Country Store and Magazines all made a profit as they have in the past.  The Raffle quilt profit was $1000 less than last year.

The quilt show winners were announced and the quilts were shown. Many beautiful quilts!

Kim will be the quilt show chair next year and she announced the theme: Freedom so anything red, white and blue.

Anita talked about the quilt show survey that was handed out – it can be turned in today or next month. One ballot per person!

Santa North Pole Village chair showed what can be made, the size of quilt they want and the quality of workmanship needed for this show. She had fabric and patterns for a wine bag.

The meeting ended with show and tell and refreshments.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 07.10.18 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on July 17th, 2018

Attending: Linda Schlenker, Ginger, Green, Terry Henkels, Louise Whitlow, Jean Taft, Janet DeJager, Kimberly McAllister, Anita Allwood, Carol Westercamp,  Cecile Vogt

Linda Schlenker conducted the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Motion to approve was made by Louise Whitlow, seconded by Anita Allwood and approved by all.

Programs: Anita: all dates are approved by the Methodist Church as available. The Oct workshop needs another location. Several possibilities were suggested. We can’t store our ladders and any other items at the church but we can use their microphone. Motel accommodations were discussed.

Communications: Carol: nothing to report

Donations quilts: 6 quilts went to Kadin’s Closet with about 35-40 in storage until the organizations want them for the holidays.

Quilt Show: Janet: they are still counting the ballots.  Linda Schlenker had bought ribbons.

The FAA center has been booked for next year, large room only for July 11-13th.  This should be Summer Fest weekend. We expect to keep out 20% discount. The deposit is rolled from year to year so we will need to pay the full amount when billed. Janet will confirm the terms and reservation after the guild members vote on what type of show they want in the future.  We expect to keep the same discount and terms if we downsize the show.

Vendors commented that they had good sales, better than other years. Woodside said it was the best show they had vended at. We had 14 vendors this year instead of 21 the previous year.

Show Income: the final tally isn’t completed as of the Board meeting. The Income is approximately $1300 raffle quilt, $4500 admissions, $1950 food, $1100 Country store, $207 magazines, $4284 vendors. The estimate is that the show broke even.  Admissions & food were up but Raffle quilt down from previous years.  3 ladders sold at the show and afterwards.  A sample will be taken to Winterset for the Museum gift shop.

The effect of Facebook as advertising for the show and guild was discussed.  Carol is doing a great job of adding pictures and events thru Facebook.  Our following is over 600.

Survey on Guild Fund Raising: Anita: Anita presented a questionnaire with 4 questions for members to vote. The Treasurer will check off who takes a ballot to assure one vote per member. Members can pick up the survey at the July & August meeting only. They will be asked to choose 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice in each question, #1 being their first choice.  The results will be tallied and presented to the Board who will make the final decision on these items.  A few minor changes were suggested.  We appreciate all the work Anita has done on this project and the well written materials.

Treasurer: Ginger is still reconciling all the Quilt show activities. Linda presented several bills for food and other items.

Officers for next year: Linda announced that Carol Bowers volunteered to be V President next year so we still need a president. Ginger Geren said she would offer to be president. Jean Taft offered to be Treasurer. Carol Westercamp will continue as Communications although she had hoped she could find a helper and she could just advice.  She has done such a great job; it would be hard to replace her.  We still need all the ‘Elect’ positions. Several possible candidates were mentioned.

August meeting will be at the Methodist church with treats at 6:30PM, meeting 7-8:45. We have to be out of the building before 9. Several communications, including maps will be sent out and shared at the July meeting. Signs and someone from Guild will be at Trinity that night to direct anyone who forgets.

Louise Whitlow made the motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Terry Henke and, all agreed.

Jean Taft, substitute Secretary