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AAQG 08.14.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on August 15th, 2018

Linda welcomed everyone to the August meeting, there were 33 members and 2 guests in attendance.

Linda announced that there were some board positions available- so if you want to serve on the board let Linda know.  After Linda announced who volunteered for the open positions there was a vote and it was passed.  These positions will begin at the September meeting.

The speaker this month was Barb Eikmeir from Kansas.  She showed us a lot of her friendship quilts that gals in her various quilt groups had participated in.  Even the quirky blocks are a reminder of friends we have and how their personalities come out in the blocks! We felt we knew her friends as she shared the quilts some had helped make.

Anita shared about the upcoming workshop with Amy Bradley; the cost has not been determined.  Amy will provide the block that we will be working on.  This will be on machine applique using the button hole stitch.

The quilt show made a profit of $730, and the Iowa Quilt Museum dropped off a check.

Santa North Pole Village- Ginger handed out a spreadsheet of what is needed for the craft sale.  She also showed some examples.  This is coming up fast and products are needed to sell.

Sign up for the treats is needed for the new year.  When it is your turn for  treats you will  need to be at the church at 5:45 to set up.

Door prizes were awarded- remember you must have a name tag on to win!  There was a brief show and tell and then we were dismissed.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 08.07.2018 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on August 12th, 2018

Members present:  Linda Schlenker, Ramona Tapper, Ginger Green, Beth Hromyak, Carol Westercamp, Debbie Groff, Anita Allwood, Jean Taft, Janet DeJager, Kim McAllister, Terri Henkels and Cecilie Vogt.

The minutes were passed out- there was a typo- Ginger Green’s name was misspelled thru the notes.  This was noted.

Linda brought up the historic information the guild has- what should we do with it?  Do we need a historical person to keep track of  what goes on?  It was mentioned the minutes should be on line- so the current secretary was not going to keep a note book of the notes.  Nothing was decided what to do.

Quilt show numbers- there was a little profit as of to date is was only $700.  The vendor surveys need to be sent out- Janet will work on that sometime.

Debbie announced that Barb Eikmeier will be our program and will be going to dinner at the Uptown Diner at 5 pm.  October will be Amy Bradley, the creator of a lot of fun applique patterns.  There will also be a workshop.  The price of the workshop was discussed.  The workshop will not be held at the church so Anita is contacting the American Legion to see if it can be held there.  There needs to be a program chair for the upcoming year.

Jean Taft is going to be checking on the guidelines for the changes in our new location at the Methodist Church.  Jean is also looking for a Director at Large elect.

Retreat update- the check to reserve this location for 2019 needs to be sent in so it is there sometime in September.

As another way to fund raise- Linda wants to sell some of the magazines and books at the meetings.  She will  bring in a box when she knows the speaker is not selling their products.  This could be 3-4 times a year.

Ginger went thru what is needed for the Santa North Pole Village craft show.  She will also have the spreadsheet at the meeting for the members to pick up and use as a reference for what to work on.

There are 81 donation quilts in storage.  Linda said that she has not really focused on the donation quilts this year as she was president and vice president.  The larger quilts will be going to the Youth Homes in November.

The voting will continue for the fate of the quilt show and guild in August.

Linda thanked everyone for their patience as her term comes to an end.

Jean Taft made a motion to end the meeting and Kim seconded the motion.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper