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BOD Meeting – 09/04/18

Posted in Business on September 10th, 2018

In attendance:  Carol Bowers, Carol Westercamp, Ann Finger, Ginger Geren, Beth Hromyak, Deb Groff, Linda Schlenker, Anita Allwood, Cecile Vogt, Louise Whitlow, Kim McAllister, and Terri Henkels

  1. Ginger, as new president, welcomed everyone to the 2018-2019 board.
  2. Minutes – will review next meeting
  3. President goes over special topics:
    1. Expectations: everyone is to be at the Board meetings; if you cannot make the meeting, please text Ginger to let her know.
    2. Contact info:
    3. Board will supply treats for the September guild meeting
    4. Board members need to be at guild meetings by 6:15
    5. Postcards: Debbie G. designed postcards to be mailed to old members inviting them to join a meeting for free. – motion was approved
      1. These cards will also be used as ‘thank you’s’ to visitors
    6. Survey results:
      1. Continue an annual quilt show while downsizing the show (23)
      2. Use only the large conference room at the FFA Enrichment Center ($5100 saving $1225) (20)
  4. Santa’s North Pole Village – money maker (20)
  1. Showcase our craft to the community (28)
  2. Raise dues to $35 with scholarships to those who need them (22) – Board decided to keep dues this year at $30 and will raise them to $35 next year. Anita motioned to approve and Louise 2nd the motion.   Members will be told dues will be raised.  BOD will be transparent with members about where dues money goes – speakers; motels; mileage; meals, etc.  Carol suggested to offer ‘discounts’ to member for workshops and retreats.  Jean suggested to break out the dues – example:  $15 goes towards speakers, etc.   De brought fabric circles to the Tuesday morning meeting to make ornaments.  Carol made 8 already.
  3. Ginger and Kim will visit the FFA center in September and talk to them about different rooms, etc.
  • Annual/Bi-annual show – table until they visit
  • Ensure the vendors cover the cost of the FFA center
  1. Bring in more vendors
  1. Secretary – nothing at this time
  2. Treasurer –
  3. Program chair – Diana Beaubien form Pleasant Valley Creations will be presenting at the September meeting. She is from Harlan, Iowa. 

Next month presenter will be Amy Bradley from Amy Bradley Designs.  Her topic is ‘Life is too short’.

Lecture will cost $400 and will be Tuesday night.  Workshop will be Wednesday from 9-12 and 12:30-3:30.  Workshop cost is $600.  Members will pay $35 and non-members $45.  At this time only 2 people have signed up.  Anita will be passing out posters to quilts shops.  BOD discussed that the guild will be losing money on this workshop.

  1. Director-at-large – nothing at this time; BOD members will supply treats for September meeting.
  2. Retreat – nothing to report at this time
  3. Creekside gift cards will be used for raffle quilts – Anita motioned and Kim 2nd the motion.
  4. Quilt Show Chair – Kim has key to storage unit. Her dad will work on sign stand.  Three pictures of potential raffle quilts were passed around.  Carol will post pictures in the newsletter and members will vote.  Suggestion to have a ‘vendor’s choice’ ribbon.  Talked about having multiple raffle quilts instead of just one for the next show.
  5. Communication – website almost crashed but Carol saved it. She is in the process of redesigning the website.  Carol went to Iowa Falls quilt shop and bought 10 yards of black grunge/10 yards of white grunge and multiple bright color grunges to be used for the Santa’s North Pole kits.  Iowa Fall gifts cards were used to purchase fabric.  Kit planning party – Sunday, September 9 at Carol’s house.
  6. Donation quilts – Carol B has donation quilts at her house. She is going to mention to the guild members where the quilts go, etc.  She will ask if a donation quilt can be sold at Winterset.  Quota for donation quilts this year will be 100; last year the quilt received 88.
  7. Fundraising – Anita is opening up her house Thursday afternoons at 12:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon starting September 13th to make the ornaments for SNP – goal is 100.
  8. Ginger will represent SNP at guild meeting. She will connect with Terri about the ladders and also have a brief discussion about the survey.
  9. Budget – set 2018-2019 budget. Decided to drop the Chamber of Commerce membership – Beth 1st, Jean 2nd the motion
  10. Meeting adjourned – Linda 1st, Deb 2nd motion