BOD Meeting – 09/04/18

Posted in Business on September 10th, 2018

In attendance:  Carol Bowers, Carol Westercamp, Ann Finger, Ginger Geren, Beth Hromyak, Deb Groff, Linda Schlenker, Anita Allwood, Cecile Vogt, Louise Whitlow, Kim McAllister, and Terri Henkels

  1. Ginger, as new president, welcomed everyone to the 2018-2019 board.
  2. Minutes – will review next meeting
  3. President goes over special topics:
    1. Expectations: everyone is to be at the Board meetings; if you cannot make the meeting, please text Ginger to let her know.
    2. Contact info:
    3. Board will supply treats for the September guild meeting
    4. Board members need to be at guild meetings by 6:15
    5. Postcards: Debbie G. designed postcards to be mailed to old members inviting them to join a meeting for free. – motion was approved
      1. These cards will also be used as ‘thank you’s’ to visitors
    6. Survey results:
      1. Continue an annual quilt show while downsizing the show (23)
      2. Use only the large conference room at the FFA Enrichment Center ($5100 saving $1225) (20)
  4. Santa’s North Pole Village – money maker (20)
  1. Showcase our craft to the community (28)
  2. Raise dues to $35 with scholarships to those who need them (22) – Board decided to keep dues this year at $30 and will raise them to $35 next year. Anita motioned to approve and Louise 2nd the motion.   Members will be told dues will be raised.  BOD will be transparent with members about where dues money goes – speakers; motels; mileage; meals, etc.  Carol suggested to offer ‘discounts’ to member for workshops and retreats.  Jean suggested to break out the dues – example:  $15 goes towards speakers, etc.   De brought fabric circles to the Tuesday morning meeting to make ornaments.  Carol made 8 already.
  3. Ginger and Kim will visit the FFA center in September and talk to them about different rooms, etc.
  • Annual/Bi-annual show – table until they visit
  • Ensure the vendors cover the cost of the FFA center
  1. Bring in more vendors
  1. Secretary – nothing at this time
  2. Treasurer –
  3. Program chair – Diana Beaubien form Pleasant Valley Creations will be presenting at the September meeting. She is from Harlan, Iowa. 

Next month presenter will be Amy Bradley from Amy Bradley Designs.  Her topic is ‘Life is too short’.

Lecture will cost $400 and will be Tuesday night.  Workshop will be Wednesday from 9-12 and 12:30-3:30.  Workshop cost is $600.  Members will pay $35 and non-members $45.  At this time only 2 people have signed up.  Anita will be passing out posters to quilts shops.  BOD discussed that the guild will be losing money on this workshop.

  1. Director-at-large – nothing at this time; BOD members will supply treats for September meeting.
  2. Retreat – nothing to report at this time
  3. Creekside gift cards will be used for raffle quilts – Anita motioned and Kim 2nd the motion.
  4. Quilt Show Chair – Kim has key to storage unit. Her dad will work on sign stand.  Three pictures of potential raffle quilts were passed around.  Carol will post pictures in the newsletter and members will vote.  Suggestion to have a ‘vendor’s choice’ ribbon.  Talked about having multiple raffle quilts instead of just one for the next show.
  5. Communication – website almost crashed but Carol saved it. She is in the process of redesigning the website.  Carol went to Iowa Falls quilt shop and bought 10 yards of black grunge/10 yards of white grunge and multiple bright color grunges to be used for the Santa’s North Pole kits.  Iowa Fall gifts cards were used to purchase fabric.  Kit planning party – Sunday, September 9 at Carol’s house.
  6. Donation quilts – Carol B has donation quilts at her house. She is going to mention to the guild members where the quilts go, etc.  She will ask if a donation quilt can be sold at Winterset.  Quota for donation quilts this year will be 100; last year the quilt received 88.
  7. Fundraising – Anita is opening up her house Thursday afternoons at 12:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon starting September 13th to make the ornaments for SNP – goal is 100.
  8. Ginger will represent SNP at guild meeting. She will connect with Terri about the ladders and also have a brief discussion about the survey.
  9. Budget – set 2018-2019 budget. Decided to drop the Chamber of Commerce membership – Beth 1st, Jean 2nd the motion
  10. Meeting adjourned – Linda 1st, Deb 2nd motion

AAQG 08.14.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on August 15th, 2018

Linda welcomed everyone to the August meeting, there were 33 members and 2 guests in attendance.

Linda announced that there were some board positions available- so if you want to serve on the board let Linda know.  After Linda announced who volunteered for the open positions there was a vote and it was passed.  These positions will begin at the September meeting.

The speaker this month was Barb Eikmeir from Kansas.  She showed us a lot of her friendship quilts that gals in her various quilt groups had participated in.  Even the quirky blocks are a reminder of friends we have and how their personalities come out in the blocks! We felt we knew her friends as she shared the quilts some had helped make.

Anita shared about the upcoming workshop with Amy Bradley; the cost has not been determined.  Amy will provide the block that we will be working on.  This will be on machine applique using the button hole stitch.

The quilt show made a profit of $730, and the Iowa Quilt Museum dropped off a check.

Santa North Pole Village- Ginger handed out a spreadsheet of what is needed for the craft sale.  She also showed some examples.  This is coming up fast and products are needed to sell.

Sign up for the treats is needed for the new year.  When it is your turn for  treats you will  need to be at the church at 5:45 to set up.

Door prizes were awarded- remember you must have a name tag on to win!  There was a brief show and tell and then we were dismissed.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 08.07.2018 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on August 12th, 2018

Members present:  Linda Schlenker, Ramona Tapper, Ginger Green, Beth Hromyak, Carol Westercamp, Debbie Groff, Anita Allwood, Jean Taft, Janet DeJager, Kim McAllister, Terri Henkels and Cecilie Vogt.

The minutes were passed out- there was a typo- Ginger Green’s name was misspelled thru the notes.  This was noted.

Linda brought up the historic information the guild has- what should we do with it?  Do we need a historical person to keep track of  what goes on?  It was mentioned the minutes should be on line- so the current secretary was not going to keep a note book of the notes.  Nothing was decided what to do.

Quilt show numbers- there was a little profit as of to date is was only $700.  The vendor surveys need to be sent out- Janet will work on that sometime.

Debbie announced that Barb Eikmeier will be our program and will be going to dinner at the Uptown Diner at 5 pm.  October will be Amy Bradley, the creator of a lot of fun applique patterns.  There will also be a workshop.  The price of the workshop was discussed.  The workshop will not be held at the church so Anita is contacting the American Legion to see if it can be held there.  There needs to be a program chair for the upcoming year.

Jean Taft is going to be checking on the guidelines for the changes in our new location at the Methodist Church.  Jean is also looking for a Director at Large elect.

Retreat update- the check to reserve this location for 2019 needs to be sent in so it is there sometime in September.

As another way to fund raise- Linda wants to sell some of the magazines and books at the meetings.  She will  bring in a box when she knows the speaker is not selling their products.  This could be 3-4 times a year.

Ginger went thru what is needed for the Santa North Pole Village craft show.  She will also have the spreadsheet at the meeting for the members to pick up and use as a reference for what to work on.

There are 81 donation quilts in storage.  Linda said that she has not really focused on the donation quilts this year as she was president and vice president.  The larger quilts will be going to the Youth Homes in November.

The voting will continue for the fate of the quilt show and guild in August.

Linda thanked everyone for their patience as her term comes to an end.

Jean Taft made a motion to end the meeting and Kim seconded the motion.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper


AAQG 07.17.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on July 18th, 2018

Linda welcomed everyone and announced this is the last time we will be meeting at this location. August meeting will be at Methodist Church Uptown, 206 SW Walnut Street.  The treats will be at 6:30 and the meeting at 7 pm.  We MUST be out of there by 9 PM.

There were 47 members and 4 guests present.

Linda announced that we have a president, vice-president and treasurer position filled. Carol would love to have a communication elect to pass this on to someone else.

Janet announced that the quilt show broke even this year. Admissions were up, 400 likes on Facebook, the food, Country Store and Magazines all made a profit as they have in the past.  The Raffle quilt profit was $1000 less than last year.

The quilt show winners were announced and the quilts were shown. Many beautiful quilts!

Kim will be the quilt show chair next year and she announced the theme: Freedom so anything red, white and blue.

Anita talked about the quilt show survey that was handed out – it can be turned in today or next month. One ballot per person!

Santa North Pole Village chair showed what can be made, the size of quilt they want and the quality of workmanship needed for this show. She had fabric and patterns for a wine bag.

The meeting ended with show and tell and refreshments.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 07.10.18 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on July 17th, 2018

Attending: Linda Schlenker, Ginger, Green, Terry Henkels, Louise Whitlow, Jean Taft, Janet DeJager, Kimberly McAllister, Anita Allwood, Carol Westercamp,  Cecile Vogt

Linda Schlenker conducted the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting were presented.  Motion to approve was made by Louise Whitlow, seconded by Anita Allwood and approved by all.

Programs: Anita: all dates are approved by the Methodist Church as available. The Oct workshop needs another location. Several possibilities were suggested. We can’t store our ladders and any other items at the church but we can use their microphone. Motel accommodations were discussed.

Communications: Carol: nothing to report

Donations quilts: 6 quilts went to Kadin’s Closet with about 35-40 in storage until the organizations want them for the holidays.

Quilt Show: Janet: they are still counting the ballots.  Linda Schlenker had bought ribbons.

The FAA center has been booked for next year, large room only for July 11-13th.  This should be Summer Fest weekend. We expect to keep out 20% discount. The deposit is rolled from year to year so we will need to pay the full amount when billed. Janet will confirm the terms and reservation after the guild members vote on what type of show they want in the future.  We expect to keep the same discount and terms if we downsize the show.

Vendors commented that they had good sales, better than other years. Woodside said it was the best show they had vended at. We had 14 vendors this year instead of 21 the previous year.

Show Income: the final tally isn’t completed as of the Board meeting. The Income is approximately $1300 raffle quilt, $4500 admissions, $1950 food, $1100 Country store, $207 magazines, $4284 vendors. The estimate is that the show broke even.  Admissions & food were up but Raffle quilt down from previous years.  3 ladders sold at the show and afterwards.  A sample will be taken to Winterset for the Museum gift shop.

The effect of Facebook as advertising for the show and guild was discussed.  Carol is doing a great job of adding pictures and events thru Facebook.  Our following is over 600.

Survey on Guild Fund Raising: Anita: Anita presented a questionnaire with 4 questions for members to vote. The Treasurer will check off who takes a ballot to assure one vote per member. Members can pick up the survey at the July & August meeting only. They will be asked to choose 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice in each question, #1 being their first choice.  The results will be tallied and presented to the Board who will make the final decision on these items.  A few minor changes were suggested.  We appreciate all the work Anita has done on this project and the well written materials.

Treasurer: Ginger is still reconciling all the Quilt show activities. Linda presented several bills for food and other items.

Officers for next year: Linda announced that Carol Bowers volunteered to be V President next year so we still need a president. Ginger Geren said she would offer to be president. Jean Taft offered to be Treasurer. Carol Westercamp will continue as Communications although she had hoped she could find a helper and she could just advice.  She has done such a great job; it would be hard to replace her.  We still need all the ‘Elect’ positions. Several possible candidates were mentioned.

August meeting will be at the Methodist church with treats at 6:30PM, meeting 7-8:45. We have to be out of the building before 9. Several communications, including maps will be sent out and shared at the July meeting. Signs and someone from Guild will be at Trinity that night to direct anyone who forgets.

Louise Whitlow made the motion to adjourn the meeting; seconded by Terry Henke and, all agreed.

Jean Taft, substitute Secretary

AAQG 06.12.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on June 14th, 2018

Linda called the meeting to order – there were 42 members present and 2 guests.

There are several board members that will be going off the board after August so if you want to make a difference in the guild please contact Linda Schlenker for more details.

The August meeting will be at the Methodist Church- treats and fellowship will begin at 6:30 and the meeting will start at 7. We need to be out of the church by 9 because they lock the doors at that time.

The Challenge had 18 entries and they all looked fantastic! 24 fabric pieces were handed out so that is a great turn out.  The top 3 were awarded a prize.

The speaker was Diane Tomlinson who has worked with Fons and Porter for 10 years. She showed several quilts that she was given a fabric line and had to create a quilt to showcase the fabric.  She loves to teach and is a teacher at the Sewing Expo.

No one has signed up for treats for July; the signup sheet was on the front table or contact Jean Taft.

Linda announced that the Evening Stars will be in charge of Santa North Pole Village and Jean discussed that we need to focus on our audience and consider the market for this high end craft show. The request is for high quality merchandise with quality construction.  Since this is before Thanksgiving the items can be fall themed, Christmas items, trendy items and manly items.  There will be 3 price points:  $100, $50-$75, and $5 to $10.  The team also requested nothing made with panel- everything needs to be pieced.  They plan on having framed quilt blocks, some ladders that are used for quilt racks.  Christmas ornaments, wine bags, table toppers and runners.  The cancer quilts – with the panel or without the panel is a really nice size and plan on selling these for $100.  If in doubt what the ladies want- ask Jean.

Anita talked about what should be done with the quilt show and fund raising- she handed out the list of suggestions and these will be voted on in July and August- only one vote per person. There was some feedback on the ideas.

Janet thanked everyone for their help with the quilt show in advance. There have not been enough raffle tickets sold to cover the cost of the quilt as of the meeting.  She showed the sheet for taking names and address and she can convert them onto labels.  The entry forms are on line- if you don’t have access to a computer let Janet know and she will get you a hard copy.  The sign-up sheets are here – see the quilt show table or contact Janet.  Items for the country store:  panels made into quilts, baby items, small quilts as well as special rulers that you don’t need anymore, or a kit (make sure everything is in this bundle). Ann has 6 tubs of items for the Country Store.  If you still have items either bring them to the show or contact Ann.

Bed turning: Kathy has only 3 entries and was hoping to have 10. Last year this was a huge draw to the show.  These are quilts that have a story. The form is on line or contact Kathy Evers if you want your quilt to participate.

Anita has been taking the raffle quilt to the various quilt stores in the area.

Linda announced since it is Christmas in July she would like volunteers to make Christmas cookies to sell in the food booth.

The advertising has been done thru Facebook by Janet, they will also make an appearance on KCCI as they have done in the past.

Quilted Cupboard will be a drop off site for quilt but make sure you put it in a pillowcase. If you want your pillow case back be sure to put your name on it.  They will start accepting them Sunday, July 1 thru Tuesday, July 3.  They will be closed for the 4th of July.

Need some volunteers for treats in July.

Door prizes were awarded- remember you have to have a name tag on to win a prize! Show and tell followed with refreshments and fellowship.

The next meeting will be July 17- note that this is the 3rd Tuesday in July.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 06.05.18 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on June 6th, 2018

Members present: Linda Schlenker, Ramona Tapper, Ginger Green, Beth Hromyak, Carol Westercamp, Debbie Groff, Anita Allwood, Jean Taft, Louise Whitlow, Janet DeJager, Cecilie Vogt, and Terri Henkels.

Linda called the meeting to order.

The May minutes were passed out and Louise approved and Terri seconded the motion.

The treasurer report was discussed- This last month there were miscellaneous expenses- retreat went over budget just a little. There were some expenses for the quilt show as well as money coming in from the vendors.

Janet reported that there were 57 quilts signed up on line for the show and more came in tonight! She will have the hard copy forms Tuesday.  Anita is taking the raffle quilt to different quilt shops before the show.  Sunday, July 1 the Cupboard in Ankeny will start to hold quilts for the show- remember they will be closed the 4th but then open the 5th for more quilts.  Janet’s sister will be creating some videos for facebook with a link to the quilt show event.  There has been some buzz with sharing the raffle quilt on social media- this is getting more people to see it and purchase raffle tickets!  Linda has the food prep under control and helpers with cooking the meat ahead of time.  She also wanted to add sugar cookies to the menu for more of a Christmas theme.  The table decorations will also be Christmas themed- Debbie will be doing those.  There are 14 or 15 vendors and they will all be in the same room instead of mixed in with the quilts as before.  On the volunteer list- each slot has at least one person signed up- there is still time to sign up.

Anita held a special AAQG board meeting on May 21, 2018 to discuss possible changes in fund raising methods. 11 board members were present as well as 2 guild members.  There was a list of 21 suggestions.  Anita will present several recommendations on Tuesday and then in July there will be a vote what to do.

The challenge is this Tuesday and the top 3 will be awarded prizes.

Santa North Pole Village- the Evening Star Group has decided to take this on. Jean Taft will be the spokesperson for the group and will let the guild know what they want and what they do not want for the one day event.  This is huge and our audience is very different than the quilt show and we have to bring our A game to the table.  Quality product means higher dollar revenue with 3 price points.  Janet will be bringing the cancer panels to the meeting- and will continue to sell these quilts and if you don’t want to use the panel then making the quilt without the panel is a great option.

Retreat- Terri got an extension for locking in the date for the retreat until September.

Anita motions the meeting to adjourn and Jean seconded the motion.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 05.08.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on May 9th, 2018

Linda called the meeting to order – there were 39 members present and 2 guests.

A huge thank you went out to the gals in charge of the retreat: Cecilie Vogt, MaryLee Martz, Kim McAllister and Terri Henkels. What an awesome time we had!

Spring is in the air and so are the quilt shows and sales in our great state of Iowa. See the table for more information.

Our speaker was Esther Heisman or was it Lori Triplett? She gave a presentation of Quilts on the Prairie. Esther showed us quilts from the 1800’s that were. in mint condition. As we listened and saw the quilts we were amazed at what women back then created with limited resources. Historical tidbits were sprinkled in which made for a great evening of learning about our past.

Anita announced that May 21 at 6:30 (Monday) there will be a meeting at the church to discuss fundraising for the guild. All the board members are encouraged to attend and any members are also welcome.

Quilt Show update: There have not been enough raffle tickets sold to cover the cost of the quilt. Janet showed the sheet for taking names and address and she can convert them onto labels.  The entry forms are on line- if you don’t have access to a computer let Janet know and she will get you a hard copy.  The June meeting is the deadline for entries.  The food coordinator for the show needs help to decide the menu and what prep work needs to be done.  The sign-up sheets are here – see the quilt show table or contact Janet.  This is Ann’s 6th year in charge of the Country Store- she would like someone to step up and take over this position next year.  Items for the country store:  panels made into quilts, baby items, small quilts as well as special rulers that you don’t need anymore, or a kit (make sure everything is in this bundle).

June will be the Director at Large challenge. There is still fabric available- see Jean if you need more.  The minimum size is 10”x12” and it must be quilted and finished. The rest is up to you- 3 prizes will be awarded.

Need some volunteers for treats in July.

Janet DeJager has purchased 50 cancer panels from Block Party Studios and if you want to make a quilt for Country Store please see Janet to sign out a panel.

Door prizes were awarded- remember you have to have a name tag on to win a prize! Show and tell followed with refreshments and fellowship.

The next meeting will be June 12.

Piecefully submitted.

Ramona Tapper