AAQG 05.08.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on May 9th, 2018

Linda called the meeting to order – there were 39 members present and 2 guests.

A huge thank you went out to the gals in charge of the retreat: Cecilie Vogt, MaryLee Martz, Kim McAllister and Terri Henkels. What an awesome time we had!

Spring is in the air and so are the quilt shows and sales in our great state of Iowa. See the table for more information.

Our speaker was Esther Heisman or was it Lori Triplett? She gave a presentation of Quilts on the Prairie. Esther showed us quilts from the 1800’s that were. in mint condition. As we listened and saw the quilts we were amazed at what women back then created with limited resources. Historical tidbits were sprinkled in which made for a great evening of learning about our past.

Anita announced that May 21 at 6:30 (Monday) there will be a meeting at the church to discuss fundraising for the guild. All the board members are encouraged to attend and any members are also welcome.

Quilt Show update: There have not been enough raffle tickets sold to cover the cost of the quilt. Janet showed the sheet for taking names and address and she can convert them onto labels.  The entry forms are on line- if you don’t have access to a computer let Janet know and she will get you a hard copy.  The June meeting is the deadline for entries.  The food coordinator for the show needs help to decide the menu and what prep work needs to be done.  The sign-up sheets are here – see the quilt show table or contact Janet.  This is Ann’s 6th year in charge of the Country Store- she would like someone to step up and take over this position next year.  Items for the country store:  panels made into quilts, baby items, small quilts as well as special rulers that you don’t need anymore, or a kit (make sure everything is in this bundle).

June will be the Director at Large challenge. There is still fabric available- see Jean if you need more.  The minimum size is 10”x12” and it must be quilted and finished. The rest is up to you- 3 prizes will be awarded.

Need some volunteers for treats in July.

Janet DeJager has purchased 50 cancer panels from Block Party Studios and if you want to make a quilt for Country Store please see Janet to sign out a panel.

Door prizes were awarded- remember you have to have a name tag on to win a prize! Show and tell followed with refreshments and fellowship.

The next meeting will be June 12.

Piecefully submitted.

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 05.01.18 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on May 3rd, 2018

Members present: Linda Schlenker, Janet DeJager, Debbie Graff, Terri  Henkels, Louise Whitlow, Ramona Tapper, Kim McAllister, Carol Werstercamp, Jean Taft, Cecilie Vogt, Anita Allwood, Ginger Green and Beth Hromyak.

Linda called the meeting to order and last month’s minutes were passed out. Janet approved and Louise 2nd the motion.

The treasury report was discussed- another check from Winterset, the shirts. Expenses were the challenge fabric this will be updated next month.

There is construction going on at the church so use the south doors.

There is still challenge fabric so it will be at the May meeting- these are due in June. The treat list looks good for this month.

Retreat- great turnout- 31 signed up, and all stayed all weekend but 1. A huge thank you to all the helpers could not have done it without you!  We also got rid of the rest of the AAQG shirts so that tote doesn’t need to be carried from place to place.  Next year it will be the first weekend of May at the same location.

Quilt show- need entries to be turned in as well as ticket sales. If you have sold any raffle tickets the money can be turned in to Janet.  The bed turning forms are on the membership page.  The need for Country store items and volunteers are needed to work the show.  Signup sheets will be at the meeting.

Kim has been working on the theme for next year’s show and was getting input from the quilt show team to see what first steps are.

Anita is working on getting together times for the board to meet for a fund raising meeting.

Some of the donation quilts will be going to a nursing home in Norwalk- Linda has been working on this.

Linda is still looking for someone to step up for the Santa North Pole Village or if we will be part of it this year. There are going to be several positions that will be open come September so if you want to be part of the decisions of the guild- step up!

Janet motioned for the meeting to end and Kim seconded the motion. The meet adjourned.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 04.10.18 Meeting

Posted in Business on April 11th, 2018

Linda welcomed everyone to the March meeting and announced the open board positions. She encouraged someone to step up for the Santa North Pole Village position as this has potential to be a huge fund raiser for the guild.

There were 39 members and 0 guests in attendance.

Cindy Peters from the Quilted Cupboard in Ankeny was our program. She showed us quite a few purses and bags and pointed out different stabilizers to use to make your bag stand up or just be soft.  Then part 2 of her presentation was on the Accuquilt Cutter and she did a demo on how easy it is to cut those 2 ½ “ strips that are used for binding or in some of the bags she had showed us.

Janet did a re-cap on the quilt show: The member page on the website has been updated with the categories listed, the issue of the drape or no drape, Raffle tickets, the entry forms for the quilts, the volunteer sign up, and ideas for the country store items.  Check this out there is a lot of information posted.  Linda Schlenker volunteered to be the food chair for the show.  Anita will take the raffle quilt on the tour of quilt shops.  Anyone wanting to help co-chair this year with Janet or to help Kim next year would be appreciated.  Turn in raffle ticket in May and forms for the quilts need to be turned in by June.  Some printed forms are on the sign in table otherwise they are on the member page.  The vote for drape or not to drape was held and there will be drape.  The plea was out to please volunteer we need you to make this a successful show!

Quilt retreat- next Thursday we will be heading to Manson, Iowa for 4 days of sewing! Don’t forget to bring your own towels!  The massages and sewing machine ladies will be there and the sign-up sheets if you haven’t had a chance to sign up.

Jean showed the 5th and final KISS block and how to make this block- Louise and Jean had a couple completed quilts using these blocks so we got to see them!

Get ready for a Challenge! The fabric was ready and the rules for this project- these are due in June so get your thinking caps on!  Use the given fabric and create something at least 12” x 10” and have it finished complete with binding and you are ready to compete.

The meeting continued with door prizes, a show and tell and ended with treats.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 04.03.2018 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on April 4th, 2018

Members present: Debbie Graft, Janet DeJager, Cecilie Vogt, Terri Henkels, Carol Westercamp, Louise Whitlow, Ginger Green, Beth Hromyak, Linda Schlenker, Jean Taft, and Ramona Tapper.

Linda called the meeting to order and the minutes from March were handed out and read. Jean Taft approved the minutes and Ginger seconded the motion.

Janet brought up the issue: should the board minutes be published on the website. Ramona defended this by wanting the discussions of the board to be transparent for the group and will continue to post them.  There is nothing to hide.

Treasury handed out the financials and has some checks to deposit. Retreat checks will go to the bank on Saturday.

Cecilie is hoping for good weather for the upcoming retreat! 31 have signed up and will be there all weekend- only one is attending for part of the weekend.  There is still room for the massages and sewing machine cleaning.  The sign up will be at the meeting next week as well as at the retreat.

Terri is checking into the Clover Wood Camp and Retreat Center in Madrid. She wants to see if there is an acceptable place for a retreat for quilters; enough light and power!

Carol brought up starting a closed group on Facebook to get more discussions going instead of just likes on Facebook. This would mean that anyone in the group could post an item not just the administrator.  Janet discussed the difference between a closed group and just a group on Facebook.  Carol said there were 400-500 followers.

Jean announced who was bringing treats for April and only 3 have signed up for May.

Jean will announce the challenge at the meeting and it will be due in June. Kiss block #5 will be handed out.

Cindy Peters will be the program for April- she will discuss some of the purses and the Accuquilt Cutter. The machine embroidery workshop was canceled.  May our speaker will be Lori Triplett and the program is called “Pieces of the Prairie”.

Janet discussed the progress of the quilt show, here is the summary:

The member page on the website has been updated with the categories listed, the issue of the drape or no drape, Raffle tickets, the entry forms for the quilts, the volunteer sign up, and ideas for the country store items. Check this out there is a lot of information posted.

Linda Schlenker volunteered to be the food chair for the show. 13 Vendors have signed up to attend the show- a big thanks to Debbie for calling the vendors for Janet.  Anita will take the raffle quilt on the tour of quilt shops. Anyone wanting to help co-chair this year with Janet or to help Kim next year would be appreciated.

Raffle tickets can be sold now, April will be the voting to drape or not to drape with a simple yes or no. The goal is to have 200 quilts for the show.

Santa North Pole Village- still looking for someone to head this up. Quilts are needed for this and any help is welcome.  Ginger has some patterns that would work.  The kit idea that was discussed earlier is a no go.

Anita would like to take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to discuss what can be done to fund raise for the guild. A date was not decided on as there were many conflicts with schedules.

Debbie motioned the meeting to adjourn and Janet seconded the motion.

Peicefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 03.20.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on March 21st, 2018

Linda welcomed everyone to the March meeting and announced the open board positions.

There were 39 members and 0 guests in attendance.

We got started right away with our program of “School Days”. There were 6 stations and groups moved from station to station.  Thanks to all who presented:  Peggy Vespestad, Kathy Evers, Ramona Tapper and Sheila Arney, Carol Westercamp, Tami Watts- McPhail, and Jean Taft.

Janet DeJager gave a presentation on “How to Make a Successful Quilt Show”. The key ingredient is people!

Food- 3 or 4 people can work together for the food area. They would be responsible for the budget, menu, getting volunteers, or look for sponsors or caters.

Advertising- how to use advertising to draw in the crowds, post on facebook, is creative to get the word out there about the show.

Bed Turning- coordinates this special feature of the show. What should be on the form for entries, the stories that are told as each quilt is turned.  This is a fun story telling of the past to the present.

Raffle tickets- the sheets for selling are on the front table- get your peeps to sign the sheet and pay- these will be turned into the red tickets for the drawing. This saves time when selling a group of 5 or more.

Volunteers- last year not all the 2 hour slots were filled. This year just sign up for morning or afternoon and the quilt committee will assign a spot for you.  Worried about having to stand for 2 hours?  No worries there are a lot of sitting duties to help out.  Did you hear we need people to help anywhere!

The quilt entries form will be on the member page soon. The goal is to have 200 quilts- this means that each member needs to turn in 2.5 quilts.  These are due at the June meeting (June 12, 2018)

The theme is Christmas in July- that being said all you have to do is have a Christmas theme quilt- pretty easy. There will be a guild area- this will showcase the guild challenges and quilts made with the KISS blocks.  The guild area quilts will not be voted on just to show what the guild does.

To drape or not to drape vote will be in April. Keep in mind with the drape it makes it easier for the flow of traffic and pinning the numbers to the quilts.  It also is an expense for the guild- so you must decide what you feel is more important.

Retreat- One month from now we will be at retreat- how awesome is that? The sign up for machine cleaning and massages are at the table or contact Cecilie Vogt to sign up.  The machine lady wants to have 10 people sign up to make it worth her time since she is coming from Des Moines.  The massage lady will be available morning or afternoon but needs a break sometime in there.

The directors at large announced the challenge will be announced in April and due in June. Fabric will be handed out next month along with the rules.  Jean and Louise are still working those out.  There won’t be a charge for the fabric.

The meeting continued with door prizes, a show and tell which is so inspirational to get back into your sewing room and ended with treats.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

AAQG 03.05.2018 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on March 11th, 2018

Members present:  Anita Allwood, Janet DeJagar, Linda Schlenker, Ramona Tapper, Cecilie Vogt, Kim McAllister, Jean Taft, Carol Westercamp, Beth Hromyak and Ginger Green.

Linda called the meeting to order.

The December and February minutes were passed out and there was a motion to pass them by Jean, and seconded by Janet.

Ginger gave the treasury report.

Linda read the note from Debbie (who was unable to attend) concerning the School Days for the March meeting.

Tami Watts- Wool applique, Ramona Tapper- Accquilt Cutter, Jean Taft- KISS Block, Kathy Evers- Crocheted Prayer Shawl

The Cupboard is having an embroidery day and the cost is $75 for members and $80 for non-members.  This will be in conjunction with the April meeting as she is the speaker.

Jean talked about the KISS block that she will be demoing for the school days in March.  It is 3 triangles in a square.  The Director at Large challenge will be announced in April with a deadline in June.  The last KISS block will be in either April or May.    The question was asked if these blocks could be brought back to the meeting and packaged up for someone to complete a donation quilt.  Yes, was the answer, however, this has not be brought up at the meeting for the entire guild to know.

Only 2 people have signed up for treats in March- so more people are needed.  April has a small group signed up so we should be good there.

Retreat- 18 have signed up and paid.  Payment needs to be in by the March meeting- the April meeting will be too late; since the deadline is April 4.  There will be a massage person and charges $70 per hour.  The sewing machine lady will charge $65 plus tax and accepts cash or check (no credit cards).  When signing up for the cleaning- also indicate what kind of machine you have.

Carol brought up a question concerning the “Every quilt has a story” feature she has been doing on Facebook.  Should quilts be featured by former members?  The answer was yes- since names aren’t used and some were photos that were taken at the quilt show.

Items are being taken to Winterset for sale at the Quilt Museum.  Last month only one candy bag sold.  This continues to get the AAQG name out in the community.

Donation quilts- 5 quilts were taken to Brother’s Keepers several larger ones went to Youth Homes of Mid America; 12 were taken to Kadie’s Kloset.  There are still 40 in the storage unit.

Janet DeJagar still needs a co-chair for the Quilt Show.  She is working 70 hours a week and will be in Denver a lot with her new position at work.  Kim, was going to be the chair next year will be working closely with Janet this year to learn the ropes of the quilt show.  For the food- Janet is unable to find an organization to do this.  Several meetings ago there was discussion about selling kits then what doesn’t sell to have members make the kits for sale at Santa North Pole Village. The kits would also be a higher price point- would people really purchase them?  After pricing how much a kit would cost and the kit not being was displayed this idea was nixed.  No one has stepped forward to head up Santa North Pole Village yet.  Janet announced that there were 8 vendors committed – in the past there have been 20 vendors.  She failed to get the reminder e-mail out to the vendors in a timely manner and will try to get it out and set the date in the future this next week.

If there are only 8 vendors present at the quilt show the show will take a major loss.  In April there will be a vote to drape or not to drape.  Janet handed out a sheet listing the pros and cons of the drape.  Long story short there is about $1000 difference in price.  She encouraged members to attend the committee meetings to help with the quilt show.

The meeting was adjourned.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper


AAQG 02.06.2018 Board Meeting

Posted in Business on March 8th, 2018

Members present: Linda Schlenker, Ginger Green, Beth Hromyak, Carol Westercamp, Jean Taft, Cecilie Vogt, Terri Henkel, Louise Whitlow, Janet DeJager, Anita Allwood.

Linda called the meeting to order.

Treasurers Beth Hromyak and Ginger Geren passed out updated spreadsheet. There is concern that we are lower in income particularly from membership dues than projected.

Program Chair Debbie was unable to attend but had sent along a message about the Feb. and March meetings. February’s speaker Dawn Cavanaugh requested that members bring quilts for judging. The March meeting will be the 3rd Tuesday due to Ankeny School’s spring break. Deb would like a few more presenters. Currently the following members are presenting:

Tami Watts—wool applique

Ramona Tapper—AccuCut

Jean Taft—-the next KISS block

Kathy Evers—crocheted Prayer Shawl

Program chair elect Anita Allwood discussed the progress her committee is making in lining up speakers for 2018-19. She also discussed some ideas meetings and possible collaboration on speakers with other guilds and local quilt shops.

Director-at-large Jean Taft will be assisting with the President’s challenge which is due this meeting. Please bring completed projects in bag. First prize will be a “Quality Box”. They will be discussing with Deb the timing of presentation of the next KISS block. The director-at-large challenge will be presented in April with completion in June.

Update on the April Retreat from Cecilie Vogt. 9 people have paid. There are at least 15 indicating they will attend. Retreat will be open to non-members after the March meeting. A sewing machine repair person has been located. She will do cleaning and minor repairs. Base cost will be about $60. She will be available Fri evening and Sat. A massage person has also been found to replace the lady we’ve had for the past few years.

Quilt show update- Janet DeJager, Cecilie Vogt and Giner Geren. Cecilie is contacting non-profits to see if there is an interest in collaborating on the food for the quilt show.

Ginger Geren presented ideas for quilt patterns to kit and sell at the quilt show Kits not sold will be made for sale at North Pole village. She will be asking members to donate specific types of fabric. Some fabric may be purchased. Janet is l looking for volunteers to lead the advertising effort and vendor coordination.

There will be a “Christmas in July” category. The only requirement is the Christmas items are clearly visible on the quilt. For example a quilt that is a traditional design in red and green is not acceptable – a quilt in red and green containing Christmas tree or other symbols commonly associated with Christmas would be. There will be a non-prize category for the challenges and KISS projects. Janet will be presenting information about pipe and drape and other costs at the meeting. The next quilt show meeting is Feb. 19 at the church. Everyone is welcome to attend! Janet is continuing to work on setting up vendor led classes for the quilt show..

Communications chair Carol Westercamp will begin Facebook posts on the quilt show. Janet DeJagar will be creating a Facebook quilt show Event. We will be doing sponsored FaceBook ads for the quilt show.

The Fundraising position is open – this could be a group or an individual. See Linda for details how you can help the group with this.

President Linda Schlenker indicated there are approximately 55 donation quilts so far this year. She presented the letter from Holy Trinity indicating that the Guild will need to find a new location to hold meetings after July 2018. She presented a proposal to move the board, small group, and monthly meetings to the Ankeny First United Methodist church at 206 SW Walnut (ie the Uptown location). Anita Allwood moved that we accept this location.

Louise Whitlow seconded the motion and the whole board concurred. Linda will continue to work with AFUMC. The first meeting in the new location is currently set for Aug 2018.

Anita Allwood presented information on various potential quilt show sites her committee has visited over the past few months. She will be presenting this information at the guild meeting. She also wants the board to meet to discuss and determine the future of quilt shows/fundraising. This will concur within the next 2 months.

Apparently we had people bringing animals to the guild meeting last month. The board has decided that this is not appropriate (we will be also checking the church’s policy). Beginning with the February meeting anyone bringing an animal will be asked to emove the animal from the building.

Jean motioned for the meeting to adjourn and Janet seconded.

Submitted by

Linda Schlenker

AAQG 02.13.2018 Meeting

Posted in Business on February 14th, 2018

There were 35 members present and one guest.

Linda welcomed us to the February meeting and made the following announcements:

The Lutheran Church has a policy- there are to be no pets coming into the church, this is their policy and must be followed since we are guests in the church.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is growing and their outreach programs are expanding they need all the space as well as all the chairs. We were asked to find a new meeting place beginning in August. The First Methodist Church located at 206 SW Walnut Street will be our new home. There is a large fellowship room and parking on the north end, front of the church and across the street. They also have a not pet policy enforced. They want us out of the building by 9:30 pm. We will have use of the kitchen; the cost is a little less that what we are paying now.

This was the month for the President’s challenge- which was to create “Linda’s Forest”   that was accomplished! There were 19 entries and all were fabulous! Polly Anderson won but the rest were equally in tallies. Great job ladies!

Our speaker was former member of AAQG, Dawn Cavanaugh, and National Educator for APQS. The program was “Judge for Yourself”. She gave us a lot of information what the judges look for in a quilt- this would be in the 3 minutes they are judging your quilt. Dawn explained that judges really want to build you up and to improve your quilting talent. But if you the quilter love what you created then it’s ok. The quilt police are the ones that say: “no you can’t do that”. We got to be the judges of some quilts and what we noticed what needed to be improved on. Some members brought in quilts for the group to judge. A very informative meeting and a lot of information for all that attended.

Retreat update: there will be a machine cleaning person- A Plus from Carroll will be coming in and the cost will be <$70. Cash or check is accepted. There will also be a massage person. Sign up for both were at the meeting.

Quilt Show update: This year we will have quilt kits for sale and Ginger showed a couple and will have the fabric requirements next month. Both were lap size and easy to make with big pieces.

Quilt Show committee meetings will be held Monday’s after the guild meeting at the church at 7 pm. These are open to everyone in the guild.

Next month we will vote to drape or not to drape.

Director at large: There was no KISS block this month but stay tuned them will be doing a demo next month at the School House Days.

Door prizes were awarded.

Next month the meeting will be March 20 due to Spring Break for the Ankeny Schools.

The meeting finished up with Show and Tell and refreshments.

Piecefully submitted,

Ramona Tapper