2012 Quilt Show


Window to the East

2012 Quilt Show

SHOW DATES:  July 6th and 7th – At Faith Baptist Bible College.

 Important note this is the weekend before SummerFest.  The College had a conflict that they were not able to accommodate us the weekend of SummerFest.  While this may cause some concerns it may work out better in the long run as Saturday is always a slow day for our show and it might result in more guests attending.  We do plan to increase advertising on this to get the word out.  

 This year’s quilt show will be our 21st Anniversary and in celebration of that milestone we wanted a theme that would encompass all the things that allow us to continue to grow as quilters.  The guidelines for this year’s theme are simple to come up with something that represents your Window to the East.  We would like to see Japanese inspired fabrics but other than that let your creativity flow.  The overall design does not have to be Japanese.

We would like to offer to you five events to help you through your decision process.  We have set-up five Friday night sew dates to be held at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 517 SW Des Moines Street, Ankeny, Iowa from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.  The dates are  October 14th, November 11th, January 13th, February 17th and March 16th.  We are also working with our local quilt shops to see if they would like to sponsor one of our sew dates.   Quilting Connection in Ames will be sponsoring our first sew date in November.  They will be featuring a new project and have some items available for purchase.  There will be no charge to these events all we ask is that you bring anything and everything that you need to work on your projects.  That would include extension cords, irons, general sewing tools and other materials.   Also if you want to bring something to eat to share that is also being encouraged since most quilters do better with nourishment.   Depending on turn out we would encourage you to invite a friend.  Maybe you have a friend that has been thinking about joining the guild but haven’t yet, invite them along.   As quilters we enjoy getting input from other quilters so don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off of all of us or even if you want to try something new don’t be afraid to ask how to get started.  The main purpose of these Friday Night sew dates is just to relax, have some fun and let the creative energy flow.   So we can have some idea of who will be attending we would like for you take a moment and complete the signup sheet.  Be certain to bring everything that you need to sew as nothing will be provided.  We strongly encourage you bring surge protectors and extension cords as the outlets can be far from the tables and we have been asked by the church not to move the tables.  Thanks for your corporation on this.


We would also like to encourage those of you who for whatever reason have never entered anything in the quilt show before to seriously consider this year’s quilt show as the year that you enter your first project.  Listed below our categories and prizes for this year’s show:




Awards Given

for @ category

Prizes Awarded


Theme – Window to the East   Best of Show $75


Large Pieced (280” or more perimeter)   1st $60


Medium Pieced (121” x 279”)      


Small Pieced (< 120” in perimeter)   2nd $30


Appliqué – no size limitations   3rd $20




Original Design      


Mixed Technique      


UFO project < than 5 years old      


UFO project > than 5 years old      


Quilt Show 2012 Entry Form


Eastern Market aka (Country Store)

In the past the Eastern Market has been something that our guests look forward too.  We will continue with the Eastern Market (Country Store) and will be accepting any donations.   The Eastern Market will close at 3:00 pm on Saturday of the quilt show.


In years past our vendors and sponsors have been extremely generous in donating some wonderful items and at this point we have not received nor made any requests for donations from sponsors or vendors.  We are planning to work in conjunction with the Directors at Large and the Retreat Show Chair to limit our multiple requests for donations.

 Drop Off

We are looking at various options for drop off points for quilts.  As in the past we ask that you have your quilts labeled and placed in a pillowcase and/or garage bag for their protection.  We can’t guarantee that you will receive your pillowcase back so PLEASE do use heirloom pillow cases.  We do not want to be responsible for this item.  Thank you.


This year the cost of admission will remain at $5.  Raffle quilt prices will also remain at $1 for a single ticket and $5 for six tickets.  The drawing for the raffle quilt will be Saturday at 3:00 pm


In response to a member’s concern that the raffle quilt be made using only AAQG members; Window to the East was pieced by Janeen Pearson and Tamara Watts-McPhail (members) and was quilted by Linda McGhee (member).  The quilt will be displayed at the area quilt shops similar to last year’s schedule.