October 2015 President Report

Posted in President's Letter on October 5th, 2015

Hi everyone!!

I just wanted to check in and give you a few updates.

We have a full board!!!  YEAH!!!!! The board plans on being very busy this year, as in all years, to keep our guild running smoothly. Please make sure to put your suggestions in the suggestion box for us to consider!!

There will not be a sew-in this month. The next sew-in date is Saturday, Nov. 21. The theme for this event will be strip quilts.  We will provide a strip tub for you to make donation quilts and/or country store items with.  Bring your own patterns though. Remember this is only an option!!  You can sew on anything you want: something for yourself, a friend, donation, or country store. It would be great if you brought a special tool or gadget to share with the group.  We most certainly do not know everything when it comes to quilting!  The sew-in is a great time to share your knowledge!! The sew-in will last from 9am until 10pm.  However, you can come and go as you please!!  You can even just drop in and say hi.

Our speaker this month is Katheryn Russi with the presentation “My Evolution as a Quilter & Designer”. Our Director at Large will have the mystery quilt plans ready to go. I will have your first challenge of the year prepared for you.  I hope many of you join in on the fun.  The voting on the challenge will take place in December.

Hope to see you all at the meeting!!

Your President,

Cathy Dimit

It is going to be a great year!!!

Posted in President's Letter on August 29th, 2015

Amazingly it is September and a beginning of another year of the guild.  How exciting!!

Be sure to come to the meeting on September 8th all ready to sign up as a member! ($30) There will also be sign up sheets to become a member of committees. The Board Members will be the leaders of the committees.  We just need your help with ideas and helping hands!!! Remember that the committees and small groups are where you will have the best opportunity to make friends.

We will have another busy year of speakers, work shops, sew-ins, challenges, a retreat, a quilt show, and so much more to learn and share!!

At the September meeting you will be able to pick up a book mark for the programs of the year. Bring your show and tell items as well!

Sew-in dates are on Saturdays this year with a time frame of 9am – 10pm. At the sew-ins we will be able to help quilters with their quilting problems, share gadgets we like, work on our own projects, help put donation quilt kits together, and/or work on the sew-in theme. The themes will be announced as we go along. The theme for the September sew-in will be North Pole Village. Put the dates in your calander!!
Sep 19, Nov 21,Feb 20, Mar 12, and May 21

All of our Board Member positions are filled except for President Elect.  I really need someone to step up so they can take care of the donation quilts and learn how to be the president for next year!!!!!

I am so excited to be your president this year!!!!
Cathy Dimit

2015 Donation Quilts

Posted in Donations, Vice President's Report on August 2nd, 2015

I wanted to inform you that the donation quilts have been delivered to Children and Family of Iowa, Endure Iowa, Wesley Community Meals on Wheels, and Sunny View Care Center.  I was able to see so many happy people along with Ann Finger, Deb Dickerson, and Angela Bartelman. You can see some of them if you look at the pictures I put under the donation section of the web site.

Ann and I were able to deliver several quilts at Sunny View directly to the patients.  The individuals not available at the time would have their quilts delivered to them by the resident activity director.  The residents we were able to talk to were very excited.  I am convinced that we brought a happy moment to their lives!!

The donation coordinators at Children and Family of Iowa seemed to be very delighted in our donations that Ann, Deb, and I delivered.  We had a nice conversation about the areas within the organization our quilts would go to.  We shared with them about the quilts.  Things like the sizes, types, our system for making some of them, and our fantastic people that created them. They are looking forward to future donations!

Endure Iowa could not be more than delighted with the quantity and quality of the quilts Angela and I took in.  They asked if there were rules for them to follow in how we wanted them to use the quilts. We said however they saw would best fit there organization.  They thought they would pick out a couple for the auction fund raisers, put a couple on display in the office for others to see what type of things are in the care kits, and then the rest to be put in the care kits.  They were uncertain how fast they would go through the quilts as they have not had a donation like this before.  They plan on reporting to Angela to how well the quilts are received and any future thoughts for our donations. They were simply excited!!

Meals on Wheels also received Angela and I with big smiles.  They said that their meal recipients would truly enjoy receiving the place mats. They really do brighten up the individuals day!

I have not been able to to get in contact with Cops Against Cancer.  I will keep you posted.

All of us that participated in any way for donations should be very proud.  We made a lot of very happy people in our community. WE DID GOOD!!!


Vice President Cathy Dimit


2015 Quilt Show Winners

Posted in Quilt Show on July 20th, 2015
Off the Bed Winners

Off the Bed Winners

Original/Innovative Design/Art Winners

Original/Innovative Design/Art Winners

Theme Winners

Theme Winners

Applique Winners

Applique Winners

Mixed Technique Winners

Mixed Technique Winners

Batik Winners

Batik Winners

My First Entry Winners

My First Entry Winners

UFO Category

UFO Category

Traditional Category

Traditional Category

Modern Category

Modern Category

Best of Show

Best of Show

July 2015 Donation Quilt Counts

Posted in Donations, Vice President's Report on July 17th, 2015

If you went to the quilt show you should have seen the donation quilts on display.  What a display it was!!!  It was a very strong visual of our hard work to help those in the community.  I wish I would have taken a picture.  Taking pictures is one thing I am really bad at.

Here are the counts after the July meeting:

Children and Family of Iowa         84

Sunny View Care Center                 80

Endure Iowa                                      49                                     TOTAL:  217 Quilts + 69 Place mats

Meals on Wheals (Placemats)        69                                        (We doubled our yearly goal!!!)

Cops Against Cancer                        4

I will begin delivering quilts on Monday, July 20.  Hopefully I will remember pictures so that you all can see the happy faces I receive.

Respectfully Yours,

Cathy Dimit, President Elect

May 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted in Activities on June 7th, 2015

On the 12th of May, 2015, members of the guild were welcomed by President, Connie Lovelady.


The first thing on the agenda was Barb Riggs and her Journey of An Art Quilter.  She shared many of her beautiful art quilts and explained her transition from painter to art quilter.


After the presentation, Cathy Dimit, President Elect, gave the great news of how many donations above and beyond the required number we had!  What a year, now time to work on show quilts.  She then put out an announcement that we need volunteers to fill the following board positions for next year.  We need elects for Quilt Show, Retreat, Program, Communication, and Secretary.  Cathy asked for members to give it some serious thought to serve on the board so we can continue to the wonderful guild we are experiencing.


Director at Large, Sharon Bunce, awarded the prizes for block of the month, fat quarter drawing, and door prizes.


Janet DeJager, Quilt Show Elect, announced that Jennifer Perkins from Harlan, IA will be at the quilt show to do appraisals at $40 per quilt and needs a minimum of ten quilts.  There was a sign up sheet for members to prepay for the appraisals.  The committee volunteer sign up sheets were there for members to choose their times.  The sign up sheets will also be on line at our web site.  The raffle quilt is on a road tour in the Midwest area quilt shops along with tickets for people to purchase.  Members were asked to pick up their tickets if they had not done so yet.  On the web site there is a poster on the show that could be printed off to hand out to the general public.  All quilt registrations for the show are due Tuesday, June 9th.  There is a registration form on line if you wish.


President Connie Lovelady encourage members to be on the guild board.  She then explained how the terms were changing for the coming year and that the by-laws changes will be voted on at the June meeting.  These changes are the elections will be in July with August being the transitional month.  Also another change is that there will be a new treasure elect position.  The last change is that yearly dues are non refundable.  Connie also passed on an email she received about curtain panels from Iowa State that are available for anyone to use in a project.  She also had an email that a member has a hand quilting frame for sale.  There are a lot of quilt shows in the area and Connie encouraged people to attended if they can.


A question was asked about getting a two day pass ticket for the quilt show.  Connie said they would look

into it.


After the show and tell session, treats were served.  The next guild meeting will be on June 9, 2015, at 7:00 and the presenter will be Doug Leko from Antler Quilt Designs.

AAQG Quilt Show 2015 Entry Rules and Form Instructions

Posted in Quilt Show on March 9th, 2015


  • You must be a current AAQG member to enter.
  • Items must be completed at time of entry – binding on!
  • All entries must be entered in the name of the maker(s).
  • Only entries posted on the website or entries with a signature and date on the form will be accepted.
  • Form must be filled out completely including the description portion with name of pattern and/or designer. Size in inches length and width is critical!
  • All entries must be clean, free of straight pins, constructed of fabric, quilted and finished.
  • Entry must not have been displayed in a previous AAQG Quilt Show.
  • All entries must contain the bottom portion of the entry form in a zip lock bag and secured on the back of the quilt near the edge in the lower right hand corner of the entry.
  • AAQG will take every reasonable precaution to protect entries exhibited in this show. AAQG is not responsible for acts of nature and/or other acts beyond their control.
  • Entries may be dropped off at Quilter’s Cupboard, 706 SW 3rd Street, Ankeny, Iowa, during business hours starting July 6, 2015, and ending July 8, 2015, by the end of the business day or you may bring them to the FFA Enrichment Center between 10:00 a.m. and noon on Thursday, July 9, 2015.
  • Entries must be picked up promptly between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 11, 2015. Entries may not be picked up prior to the end of the show on Saturday. A designated person picking up your entry(s) must have a signed statement from you.

Category Requirements

  • Theme – Amish Quilts: Must be made with solid colored fabrics, including blenders (no prints); may be either hand or machine pieced; may be either hand or machine quilted; no embellishments.
  • Traditional: Classic piecing (like Grandma made) with rows and columns; repeating blocks; sampler quilts.
  • Modern: Made with use of bold colors and prints; high contrast and graphic areas of solid color; change of “traditional” block & layout.
  • Applique: Both hand and machine applique accepted; at least 50% of item must be applique.
  • Mixed Technique: Two or more techniques used to create the entry.
  • UFO Greater than five (5) years: Entry started in or before 2010.
  • Original/Innovative Design/Art: Original design of entrant; innovative design based on pattern idea.
  • Batik: Top must be 100% batik fabric.
  • “Off the Bed”: Quilted clothing, purses, totes, table runners, table toppers, wall hangings; any item you would not use to cover up with.
  • My First Entry in the AAQG Show: Must be the first time you have ever entered ANYTHING in the AAQG Quilt Show.


  • Viewer’s Choice – may be from any category and based on viewer’s votes.
  • 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place presented for each of the entry categories.
  • Honorable mention as deemed appropriate by Quilt Show Committee.

Our show is not judged.  Quilts are voted on by the viewing public.  Votes will be tallied by the Quilt Show Chair, Quilt Show Chair Elect, and three (3) members of the Quilt Show Committee.  Winners will be announced at the July, 2015 AAQG Quilt Show Wrap-up Meeting.

Quilt Show Sponsor Information

Posted in Quilt Show on March 4th, 2015

The 2015 Quilt Show Committee reviewed the sponsorship categories and clarified what the sponsors receive for their money.  The following is what each category includes:

Platinum – donation of $500 or more:   will be included in all print ads including newspaper, posters, and bookmarks.  We will need a digital copy of their logo so we can include it in the print copy.  These sponsors will be noted in the largest font in the print ads.  They will also have first selection of booth location at the show.  They will be included in our onsite posters at our quilt show as well as noted in the show program as a Platinum donor.  Platinum donors will have a sign recognizing them in their booth. They will be recognized in our social media with links to their individual websites.

Gold – donation of $400-$499: will be included in all print ads including newspaper, posters, and bookmarks.  We will need a digital copy of their logo so we can include it in the print copy as space permits.  These sponsors will be noted in second largest font in the print ads.  They will be included in our onsite posters at our quilt show as well as noted in the show program as a Gold donor.  Gold donors will have a sign recognizing them in their booth.  They will be recognized in our social media with links to their individual websites.

Silver – donation of $250-$399: will be included on bookmarks.  They will be included in our onsite posters at our quilt show as well as noted in the show program as a sponsor.  They will be recognized in our social media with links to their individual websites.

Bronze – donation of $100-$249: will be included on bookmarks.  They will be included in our onsite posters at our quilt show as well as noted in the show program as a sponsor.