08.12.2014 AAQG Meeting

Posted in Business on August 14th, 2014

Ann welcomed members and guests to the August meeting.  The meeting started with our program,  Jeremy Landauer from Landauer publishers here in Des Moines.  She also brought author and designer Janet Pittman.  They discussed the process of getting a book published.  They have published many of the Thimbleberries book by Lynette Jensen.

Ann announced the open positions on the board and discussion on committees that would help make the board members easier.  It takes everyone to make the guild and we need volunteers to step up and help out.  Without the board who knows what could happen to the guild.  The guild has been here for over 20 years and for all of it to dissolve would not be good for the quilting community.

Connie talked about the expenses of the quilt show- which brought to light how much money is needed to make a fantastic show.  The revenues from the show help fund the speakers we have.  Many said they wanted classes at the show but yet attendance was down so we lost money on that.

Sandy highlighted the theme for the quilt show and encouraged the group to make blocks for the raffle quilt.  However, if it can’t be completed before next month don’t take a block.  The quilt will be quilted by the Amish ladies.

Christy talked about the finances of the guild- we have enough to make it another year if we don’t have a show.

Lin talked about the benefits of becoming a member of the board and spoke of the upcoming programs that she has booked.

The Director at Large gals announced the winner of the bucket list, tip of the month and the grand prize winner.  Door prizes were awarded.  Birthdays were honored.  Refreshments and fellowship ended our program and the 2013-2014 year came to a close.

This is my last report as secretary and I was hoping someone would step up and continue reporting what happens at the meetings.  If you are interested please contact me.  I’m not sure the direction the guild is taking since we have 5 or 6 positions open and the president can not and will not carry the load for 135 members.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

Jeramy Landauer to Present Program 8/12/14

Posted in Programs on August 10th, 2014

Adventures in Quilt Book Publishing

From Proposal to Patterns to Photography, Layout and Publication—
you’ll be treated to a presentation featuring dozens of stunning quilts from designers whose talents brought them to Landauer’s publishing program

On Tuesday, August 12, Jeramy Landauer and Kitty Jacobson of Landauer Publishing, and, Janet Pittman, Iowa author of Applique, The basics & Beyond, Colorful Quilts for Playful Kids and First Time Machine Applique, will be with the Ankeny Quilt Guild to talk about publishing from both sides of the process demonstrated by an array of quilts from authors and books such as:

Sandi Blackwell’s, Simply Sensational Square-agonals
Kaffe Fassett’s, Welcome Home Kaffe Fassett
Fons & Porter’s Quilts from the Henry Ford
Penny Haren’s Pieced Applique, Intricate Blocks Made Easy
Karin Hellaby’s Sew Simple Pineapple
Janet Pittman’s Colorful Quilts for Playful Kids
Edyta Sitar’s Friendship Triangles

Jeramy and Kitty will give the publisher’s overview. Janet Pittman, Des Moines author will use her book Colorful Quilts for Playful Kids to discuss the various steps in the process.

Bring your questions and be ready to enjoy insights into what it takes to create an award-winning quilt book.



Posted in Business on August 6th, 2014

Memembers present:  Sharon Bunce, Ann Finger, Christy Tigges, Connie Lovelady, Ramona Tapper, Cathy Dimit, Sandy Bolin-Towns, and Anita Allwood.

Ann announced all the positions on the board that are open- this is a great way to get to know members and to help the guild.  Positions needed are secretary, VP, Quilt Chair elect, Program Chair elect, Director at Large elect and Communication elect.

Quilt Show wrap up was discussed, ways to improve the already outstanding show; as well as things that went very well.

At the August meeting discussions will be on filling the vacant positions, and creating committees so the burden is not on one person.

Membership lists will be passed around to ensure that sign in for the September meeting goes smoothly instead of bottle necking inside the door.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

Donation Delivery

Posted in Vice President's Report on July 17th, 2014

During 2014 the Ankeny Area Quilters’ Guild has been prolific in creating wonderful quilts for the Children and Families of Iowa.  A total of 118 quilts were donated along with many suitcases and bags to help transport the quilts and be given to needy families.  A big thank you to Susan Body who helped deliver the donation quilts displayed at the show.  The remainder were delivered today and filled every spare bit of space in my Tahoe.   Thank you guild members for remembering how special a quilt can be and giving of your time and materials to create those special memories for individuals you don’t even know.

07.15.2014 AAQG Meeting

Posted in Business on July 16th, 2014

Ann welcomed everyone to the AAQG Quilt Show wrap up meeting and everyone gave Connie Lovelady a huge round of applause for an awesome job of heading up the quilt show.  It takes everyone’s help and with a leader like Connie it all went very smoothly.  Hats off to Connie!

The August meeting will be elections for the upcoming year which will begin in September.  There will be no show and tell in August.  The program will be first then the meeting.  Our speaker will be Jeramy Landauer from Landauer Publishers and she will be bringing Janet Pittman.

There were 116 donation quilts-WOW!! The Family Services will be thrilled with this outpouring of support.  20 suitcases were also donated.

The winners were announced in each catogory and this will be put on the website.  Best of show went to Vicki Swenson- good job!

See Ann if you want your Country Store items that did not sell otherwise that will be the start of Country Store for next year.

The Board of Directors announced this was the last month for the Bucket List to be turned in.  Cathy did her tip of the month and once again Ramona won.  Door prizes were awarded, birthday honored and the meeting wrapped up with Show and Tell and then refreshments.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

07.01.2014 AAQG Board Meeting

Posted in Business on July 3rd, 2014

Members present:  Ann Finger, Ramona Tapper, Anita Allwood, Lin Vande Berg, Connie Lovelady, Sandy Bolin-Towns, Christy Tigges, and Janet BeJager.

Connie talked about the parade – if any one wants to walk, we will also be selling tickets for the raffle.  The meeting place is Marilyn Ave, by 70th and 72nd (1/2 way between these 2 streets). We are slot 47 and need to be there before 9 AM.

The quilt show:  There are ads in several newspapers, Channel 8 will be taping the promo spot and it will air on Thursday at the noon news.  Volunteers are still needed!! This can not be stressed enough – it takes all of us to put on a show.  Friday there is a need for kitchen help as well as kitchen help on Saturday.  Let Connie know if you are available so she can get this on the schedule.  Set up will be at 10 AM on Thursday.  Quilt drop off is Wednesday before the show at the Cupboard.  The ballat count will be Sunday after the show and several of us signed up to help.  So far there are 222 quilts in the show and the programs are at the printer.

The August meeting will be wrap-up and there will be no show and tell for August.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

06.10.2014 AAQG Meeting

Posted in Business on June 14th, 2014

Ann welcomed the members and guests to the meeting.

Ann announced that the board was looking into speakers for the guild and welcomes and input pro and con concerning this.  The cost will be under $1000 and will include the speakers, head mic and receiver.  This would be an asset for meetings instead  of expecting our programs to hold a mic while showing quilts. This would be a benifit for our upcoming show for the teachers to use this as well as we could use this at retreat.  Again if there are any concerns let Ann Finger know.

Becky McGregor spoke about the new group in Ankeny- The Ankney Quilt and Sewing Circle.  There is space at Nevil and you can rent a space and leave your machine set up or you can join the group for a retreat.  She has the fliers on the sign in table.  Each retreat there is a theme.  Come for the fun and get a project done!

Connie talked about the quilt show- set up is July 11 and the show is July 12 and 13.  More committee members are needed to sign up.  A signage person is needed- this is critical to show people where the FFA Enrichment Center is.  Janet DeJager needs help with the food- cinnamon rolls and bars.  Contact her if you can help in this area.

AAQG will be in the Urbandale parade again this year.  Walkers are needed to hand out the bookmarks for the show and bring your tickets to sell along the way.

Drop off for the quilts will be at the Cupboard- make sure your tag is on the back.  Drop off is Thursday morning or Wednesday.

We have surpassed the goal of 100 donation quilts!  Good job team:)

There are still open positions- Vice president, communication, 2016 Quilt Show Chair, Secetary, retreat char and program elect.  Remember you can make a differnce by volunteering to help!

Anita introduced our program: Deb Irving from Living History Farms, she  talked about caring and dating of quilts.  She showed us the screen she used to vacum a quilt and how she does this.  She talked about wet cleaning and dry cleaning. 

The Director at Large put out a call for refreshment sign up or there will be no treats in the upcoming months.  See Cathy is you would like to sign up.  The block of the month winner, who won the tip of the month was Ramona Tapper.  They announced the door prizes winners.  Birthdays were honored.

We finished up the meeting with Show and Tell and then refreshements and fellowhip.  Next month our meeting will be following the quilt show.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

Quilt Show is almost here!

Posted in President's Letter on June 12th, 2014

Get you entries in for the show, sign up to work at the show, and sell those raffle tickets!

06.03.2014 AAQG Board Meeting

Posted in Business on June 7th, 2014

Members present: Ann Finger, Ramona Tapper, Sharon McCarthy, Lin Vande Berg, Sandy Bolin-Towne, Christi Tigges, Anity Allwod, Sharon Bunce, and Cathy Dimit.

Ann announced the next board meeting will be July 1.

Christi announced the expenses were not done for May.

Cathy:  There was an excellent turnout for the May Challenge- however, the voting for the challenge needs to be discussed.  She didn’t like to have the speaker waiting while we all filed by her to vote on the challenge.

Anita:  June’s program is on Caring and Dating quilts, Deb Irving is a teacher and also works at Living History Farms during the summer months.  August will be the Landauer Publisher.  Anita has been checking into a speaker system and has been comparing prices.  This will be a great investment for our programs- classes at the quilt show- for use at retreat.

Connie: As Connie will be our president 2014 -2015 several postitions are still needed.  Secetary, Communication elect, Quilt Show elect, Retreat elect.  Also needed is someone to take photos of the quilts.  There is also a need to have the photos taken and sent to the local paper.  This is a great way to advertise our guild and what we do.

There was discussion on several other items: Secutity at the quilt show – what can we do.  Portion of the proceeds from the show- choices will be presented to the Quild as a possibility for next year.  The cost of the show will be increased to $7.  There was discussion about the lunch prices at the show.  Nothing was finalized.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

Applique Class Descriptions

Posted in Quilt Show on June 4th, 2014

Please see the document below for full descriptions of the applique classes hosted by Angela Lawrence.

Workshop Descriptions

Forms for the 2014 Quilt Show

Posted in Quilt Show on May 30th, 2014

Use the following links to forms for the Quilt Show.

Entry Forms

Quilt Show Entry Form

Online Entry Form

Class Registration

2014 Petals and Patchwork Quilt Show class registration

Quilt Identification Tags

Quilt Identification Tags

Raffle Quilt Revealed!!

Posted in Quilt Show on May 26th, 2014

The 2014 Petals and Patchwork Quilt Show raffle quilt is finally complete and ticket sales are underway.

2014 Raffle Quilt

2014 Raffle Quilt


The pattern ‘Common Bride’  is by Laundry Basket Quilts and was made by members of the guild.  Piecing was completed by Sandy Bolin-Towns, Tamara Watts-McPhail and Connie Lovelady.  Evonn Walling and Gloria House shared their invisible needle turn applique skills and Vicki Swensen completed the machine quilting that features trapunto and exquisite quilting designs.  The finishing touch was provided by Jeri Mace with beautiful binding.  The result is a stunning quilt measuring 80 inches square which is large enough for a queen size bed.


Raffle quilt tickets are 1 for $1 or 6 for $5 and can be purchased from any AAQG guild member, Connie at 515-419-8088 or aclovelady@gmail.com or at the Petals and Patchwork Quilt Show:  July 11 – 12, 2014.


Donation Quilt Update

Posted in Vice President's Report on May 26th, 2014

As of our May meeting we have received 98 donation quilts for the Children and Families of Iowa, so we are in good shape to meet our goal of 100 by the quilt show in July.  Several of you have reported that you have also donated quilts for several great causes including Quilts of Valor, Cops Against Cancer and the Animal Rescue League.  I’m sure there are others that I’m not aware of and I can’t get over the time and effort you have taken from your busy schedules to make quilts for someone that you may never meet.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others.

5-13-2014 AAQG Meeting

Posted in Business on May 14th, 2014

Ann welcomed the members, guests to the meeting.

Connie showed the quilt thermometer of where we are at with donation quilts- the count is 88.  This does not include those donated the night of the meeting.

The quilt show ad is in the Country Register and the Quilt Navigator.  The entry forms are on paper on the sign in table, on the computer and on line.  The catogories are theme, applique, mixed techique, UFO- 5 years and older, pre-cut in memory of a former member, wearables/bags, and innovative design.  There is plenty of room for quilts so lets’s get some projects finished up!  The ticket packets are ready to be picked up tonight.  There will be 4 classes at the show.  Pictures of the  class projects are on the website.

Several board positions are open- Vice President, Secetary, communication and Quilt Show Elect.

The program by Micky Mowry- “Sew Many Pieces”  Was a jaw dropping program with a piece count of each quilt she showed.  Who knew that a 2 inch pineapple block could have 39 pieces?  Micky also has a shop in Richfield, WI also named Sew Many Pieces!

The Spring Challenge of a set of potholders – we voted and the following people placed.  1st went to Linda Schlinker, 2nd to Jeneed Vice an 3rd to Alene Bailey.

Treat people are needed for July and August- see Cathy Dimit.

The tip of the month- another entertaining tip by Cathy Dimit.  A practical use for those 1.5 inch squares.

Door prizes were awarded- don’t forget you have to have a name tag on to win.  The May birthdays were honored.  Show and Tell was  eye candy seeing the projects completed.  Refreshments and fellowship wrapped up the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

05-06-2014 AAQG Board Meeting

Posted in Business on May 9th, 2014

Members present:  Ann Finger, Anita Allwood, Ramona Tapper, Cathy Dimit, Connie Lovelady, and Janet Dejager.

Ann called the meeting to order.  Cathy reminded us that the Spring Challenge is this month and the requirements are 2 potholders, 4 fabrics and must include a flower.

Connie has applied for the gambling license to raffle the quilt but it is in que. There are ads for the show in the Country Register and the Quilt Navigator.  The pipe and drape has been notified and they will be there to set up.  There are still many positions open to help with the show.  Remember it takes many hands to help pull this off.

82 Donation quilts have been turned in- we need to keep going on these to get our goal of 100!

The May speaker is Mickey Mowry and the workshop is Wednesday 9-1.  June will be Deb Irving from the Living History farms.  She will be speaking on the Care of and Dating of Quilts.

It’s getting to be that time of year again when we need to be thinking of next year board members.  The following positions are open: Vice President, Secetary, Comunication, Quilt Show Elect.  These positions can be co-chaired and is a great way to meet other in the guild.  If not sure what exactly the responsibilities are ask a member of the board.

There was discussion on enhancing the board member duties in the by-laws.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper


04-08-2014 AAQG Meeting

Posted in Business on April 10th, 2014

Ann called the meeting to order and welcomed 93 members and 44 guests, and several new members.  She announced that Ankeny High School needed sewers to sew flags for the Color Guards.  If interested contact Ann or the High School.

Connie showed the progress of the donation quilts- there are over 80!  Still need a vice president, secetary, quilt show elect, program elect and communications elect for the 2014-2015 year.

The quilt show will be July 11-12, 2014 at the FFA Enrichment Center on the DMACC campus in Ankeny.  Quilt show chairs are needed, contact Connie for these positions.

Cathy reminded us of the May Challenge- a set of potholders, 4 fabrics and a flower must be included in this.  Any type of potholders are welcome.

The long awaited program starring Jenny Doan was announced and had us all at the edge of our seats listening to her.  She can create any quilt from pre-cuts and showed us how easy it is.  She had examples on the flannel board and followed that with the finished quilt.  She has blog as well as a shop in Missouri.

Next month the meeting will be Micky Mowry, and her program is: “Sew Many Pieces” and the workshop will be May 14.  There is still time to sign up for this.

The Director at large gals announced the donation kits that were needed to be completed.  They announced the door prizes and showed us the block of the month.  Cathy announced the winner for the May workshop with Micky Mowry- Ramona Tapper was the winner:)

Birthdays were announced.

There was no show and tell since it was getting very late.

Fellowship and refreshments ended the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

04-02-2014 AAQG Board Meeting

Posted in Business on April 7th, 2014

Members present: Ann Finger, Lin Vande Berg, Sharon Bunce, Anita Allwood, Connie Lovelady, Ramona Tapper, Chiristy Tigges, Janet DeJager, Cathy Dimit, and guest Janeen Vice.

Ann announced that someone from the High School contacted her if anyone was interested in making flags for the Color Guards.  She will announce this at the meeting and if interested can work with the teacher that asked.

There was discussion on the by-laws- these will need to be updated and each member of the board is asked to put together a check list of duties and if outside people are needed who are they and what do they do.  Some board members would like sub committes to help carry the weight of the position.

Connie announced that 82 donation quilts have been turned in- the process of doing a favorite part of the donation quilt has gone over very well.

April will be the last sew-night  for the year, it will be Friday, the 11th from 6-11.  This is a great way to work on projects and see what others are working on.

The following postions are open for 2014 -2015 year: Vice President, Secetary, Quilt Show elect, Communications elect or even a helper, Program Chair elect.

There are many positions open for the Quilt show see Connie Lovelady for the list.  The sign up sheet will be at the meeting with the time slots.

Lin discussed who we really need to think about what we are doing and if it follows our mission statement.  There were suggestions on the survey and would like to have a committee to addres the concerns of the group.  She will ask for a few volunteers from the general memebership.  She also suggested an “Under the Wing” program.  This would be pairing newbies with a seasoned quilter to work on a Quilts of Valor project.  More to come on that.

Upcoming programs were discussed, the board will be help with treats besides those that have signed up.  The week of guild meeting is a workshop and next month there is a program as well as a workshop.  The April meeting is $10 for guests.  Dinner with the speaker will be at 5:30 at the Olive Garden, and she will not be vendoring at the meeting.

The retreat next year is April 9-12, 2015 at Twin Lakes Christian Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

Quilt show sponsors and vendors announced

Posted in Quilt Show on April 6th, 2014

We have been very fortunate to have several quilt shops support our 2014 Petals and Patchwork Quilt Show. We are sure that these merchants will have something for everyone attending.  The following list includes quilt show vendors and show sponsors.

Adel Dry Goods

At the Heart of Quilting

Block Party Studios

Bloomin’ Minds

Boutiques and More

Cedar Creek Quilts

*Creekside Quilting

Designs on Ice

Expressions in Thread

Forest Mills Quilt Shop

Four Seasons Quilting

*Iowa Falls Sewing Machine Co.

Moonlight Stitching Studio

Nolting Longarm

Platte Branch Designs

Quilt Kits & Beyond

Quilt With Us

*Quilter’s Cupboard

Quilters Paradise

*Quilting Connection

Quilting on Main

The Quilter’s Portable

Udderly Quilts and More

WonderArc Designs

*Denotes Show Sponsors


Quilt Show Classes Announced

Posted in Quilt Show on April 6th, 2014

The Petals & Patchwork Quilt Show will include several classes.  Please contact Connie at 515-419-8088 or aclovelady@gmail.com to register.  Space is limited.


Friday, July 11, 2014

9:30 – 12:30 – Beginning Wool Applique by Angela Lawrence

This class focuses on learning the basics of wool hand applique

Class Fee: $30

Supply List:  Will be supplied at time of registration


1:30 – 4:30 – The Pumpkin Patch by Angela Lawrence

This class focuses on learning the basics of needle turn applique

Class Fee:  $30

Supply List:  Will be supplied at time of registration


1:00 – 4:30 – Trail Mix by Mabeth OxenreiderTrail Mix

This class is a 1/2 day stash-buster workshop focused on how to use the values and textures from your fabric stash for stunning results.

Class Fee: $30

Supply List

Variety of fabrics from your stash (to make quilt 72 X 90)

  • Light – 1 ½ to 2 yards
  • Medium light, medium, medium dark and dark fabric – total of 7 to 8 yards
  • Sewing Machine, Cutting mat, Ruler, Iron and pressing surface
  • General sewing supplies


Saturday, July 12, 2014

 9:30 – 3:30 Cathedral Window Pillow by Erica Plank of ‘Unseen Hands’

Cathedral PillowJoin Erica as she teaches you an easy technique on how to make the traditional Cathedral Window block by only using your sewing machine

Class Fee:  $35

Note: You will also need to purchase the 9 inch pressing seam template which will be available for $14 at the class

Supply list:

1 ½ yards muslin or ‘background’ fabric of your choice

(12) 2 ¾ inch squares – Fabric of your choice for the center of each window section

9 inch Seam Pressing Template – Purchase at the class from Unseen Hands ($14)

Pressing surface, Large cutting mat, Rotary Cutter and Ruler, Sewing Machine

  Thread that will match the background fabric of your choice

            Pins, Seam ripper, 14 inch pillow form

3.11.2014 AAQG Meeting

Posted in Business on March 13th, 2014

President Ann Finger welcomed the members and guests to the March meeting.  Ann talked about the website- the 2014 quilt show information is out there. Hoover over the tab and there is a drop down menu for the year. She also has the tee-shirts for those that have paid for them.

Connie announced that 25 donation quilts have been turned in during the February meeting- we now have 64 donation quilts.  Our goal is to have 100!

Twenty-two vendors have signed up to vendor at the quilt show.  There are still applications out.  There will be a class a the show- Catherdal Windows will be taught by Erika Plank.  Connie has the sign up sheets ready and there are a lot of blank places.  The show is July 11 and 12, 2014, during Summerfest.  Set up for the show will be July 10th.  We will be doing the Urbandale parade again so we will need people to help.

Ann Kruse suggested to bring your own cup to the retreat, as well as a towel and a quilting tip to share.  There will be a gal doing the massages as well as someone to clean your machine.  If you plan on doing both of these the retreat chairs are working to coordinate these two activies.

Anita Allwood has the supply list of the Jenny Doan workshop- if you want to sign up let Anita know.  The Row Quilts are done so pick up your box.  Some were displayed at the back of the room and they looked outstanding!

The program was award winning  Mabeth Oxenreider.  She showed and talked about some of her blue ribbon quilts.  The quilts were jaw dropping georgous.  There is so much to look at in her quilts- as she likes to use lots and lots of fabric pieces.  Some quilts used as much as 175 differnt fabrics.  She told us she took her first class in 1980 and has not stopped quilting since that class; except when she hooks rugs to go with her quilts.

Our Directors at Large made a plea for treats for the May meeting.  They announced what was needed on the donation quilts- binding, quilting or just pick up a kit to piece a quilt.  Two people have compleded their bucket list so their name will go into a drawing for next year’s membership.  The drawing for a free class was picked- Linda Schlenker was the lucky gal!  (For every pair of mittens, scarf, hat, or diaper made names were put in a bucket and the winner of the drawing won a class)  Cathy spoke about the upcoming challenge- a set of potholder with 4 fabrics.  Doorprises were awarded, birthday’s were honored and then show and tell wrapped up the meeting.  Refreshment and fellowship finished up the March meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper