AAQG Spring Retreat Registration Open to Non-members

Posted in Business on March 16th, 2015

The 2015 AAQG Spring Quilting Retreat is now open to non-members!  The retreat is scheduled for Thursday, April 9 – Sunday, April 12 at Twin Lakes Christian Center near Manson, IA.  Room costs are:

Type of lodging            2 nights/3 days/5 meals        3 nights/4 days/6 meals
4 persons per room                  $150                                               $175
3 persons per room                  $155                                               $180
2 persons per room                  $160                                               $185
1 person per room                     $165                                               $190

Registration forms and a retreat information form are available on the web site!  Registrations must arrive by March 22.  There can be no refund of fees after March 22.

The retreat is a great place to sew, meet new friends, get new ideas, get to know old friends better, and have a great time!

Questions?  Contact Anita Allwood, Retreat chair @ anita.allwood@gmail.com or by phone at 641-990-7036.

AAQG Quilt Show 2015 Entry Rules and Form Instructions

Posted in Quilt Show on March 9th, 2015


  • You must be a current AAQG member to enter.
  • Items must be completed at time of entry – binding on!
  • All entries must be entered in the name of the maker(s).
  • Only entries posted on the website or entries with a signature and date on the form will be accepted.
  • Form must be filled out completely including the description portion with name of pattern and/or designer. Size in inches length and width is critical!
  • All entries must be clean, free of straight pins, constructed of fabric, quilted and finished.
  • Entry must not have been displayed in a previous AAQG Quilt Show.
  • All entries must contain the bottom portion of the entry form in a zip lock bag and secured on the back of the quilt near the edge in the lower right hand corner of the entry.
  • AAQG will take every reasonable precaution to protect entries exhibited in this show. AAQG is not responsible for acts of nature and/or other acts beyond their control.
  • Entries may be dropped off at Quilter’s Cupboard, 706 SW 3rd Street, Ankeny, Iowa, during business hours starting July 6, 2015, and ending July 8, 2015, by the end of the business day or you may bring them to the FFA Enrichment Center between 10:00 a.m. and noon on Thursday, July 9, 2015.
  • Entries must be picked up promptly between 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 11, 2015. Entries may not be picked up prior to the end of the show on Saturday. A designated person picking up your entry(s) must have a signed statement from you.

Category Requirements

  • Theme – Amish Quilts: Must be made with solid colored fabrics, including blenders (no prints); may be either hand or machine pieced; may be either hand or machine quilted; no embellishments.
  • Traditional: Classic piecing (like Grandma made) with rows and columns; repeating blocks; sampler quilts.
  • Modern: Made with use of bold colors and prints; high contrast and graphic areas of solid color; change of “traditional” block & layout.
  • Applique: Both hand and machine applique accepted; at least 50% of item must be applique.
  • Mixed Technique: Two or more techniques used to create the entry.
  • UFO Greater than five (5) years: Entry started in or before 2010.
  • Original/Innovative Design/Art: Original design of entrant; innovative design based on pattern idea.
  • Batik: Top must be 100% batik fabric.
  • “Off the Bed”: Quilted clothing, purses, totes, table runners, table toppers, wall hangings; any item you would not use to cover up with.
  • My First Entry in the AAQG Show: Must be the first time you have ever entered ANYTHING in the AAQG Quilt Show.


  • Viewer’s Choice – may be from any category and based on viewer’s votes.
  • 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place presented for each of the entry categories.
  • Honorable mention as deemed appropriate by Quilt Show Committee.

Our show is not judged.  Quilts are voted on by the viewing public.  Votes will be tallied by the Quilt Show Chair, Quilt Show Chair Elect, and three (3) members of the Quilt Show Committee.  Winners will be announced at the July, 2015 AAQG Quilt Show Wrap-up Meeting.

Quilt Show Sponsor Information

Posted in Quilt Show on March 4th, 2015

The 2015 Quilt Show Committee reviewed the sponsorship categories and clarified what the sponsors receive for their money.  The following is what each category includes:

Platinum – donation of $500 or more:   will be included in all print ads including newspaper, posters, and bookmarks.  We will need a digital copy of their logo so we can include it in the print copy.  These sponsors will be noted in the largest font in the print ads.  They will also have first selection of booth location at the show.  They will be included in our onsite posters at our quilt show as well as noted in the show program as a Platinum donor.  Platinum donors will have a sign recognizing them in their booth. They will be recognized in our social media with links to their individual websites.

Gold – donation of $400-$499: will be included in all print ads including newspaper, posters, and bookmarks.  We will need a digital copy of their logo so we can include it in the print copy as space permits.  These sponsors will be noted in second largest font in the print ads.  They will be included in our onsite posters at our quilt show as well as noted in the show program as a Gold donor.  Gold donors will have a sign recognizing them in their booth.  They will be recognized in our social media with links to their individual websites.

Silver – donation of $250-$399: will be included on bookmarks.  They will be included in our onsite posters at our quilt show as well as noted in the show program as a sponsor.  They will be recognized in our social media with links to their individual websites.

Bronze – donation of $100-$249: will be included on bookmarks.  They will be included in our onsite posters at our quilt show as well as noted in the show program as a sponsor.

Why a Quilt Show…And Why Should I Enter?

Posted in Quilt Show on March 4th, 2015

Why do we have a quilt show? Type “quilt show” into Google and you get over 11,000,000 responses!  Since I didn’t have time to dig through all those responses, I decided to come up with my own reasons – and I think many of you will agree!

  1. We love quilts!
  2. We want to share our love with others.
  3. We are inspired by the work of our peers.
  4. We provide inspiration for others.
  5. We are recognized for our hard work and creativity (hey – who can’t use a little recognition now and then?)
  6. We are generous – not bragging, simply sharing the good things that we do with donations of time, talent and materials.
  7. We want to continue our learning and education.
  8. We want to improve our health and well-being. There has been actual research done on how quilting is good for us physically and emotionally.
  9. We want to increase the quality and quantity of our stash thanks to our vendors!
  10. We want to earn money for our guild.

Practice makes perfect – the more we sew and learn, the more we improve our skills.  We learn new techniques, we try new patterns, and in turn we teach others what we learn.  No two quilts are exactly alike – even if we use the same pattern and fabric.  Just as we are all unique individuals, our finished quilts are unique and one of a kind.  They are labors of love and provide a sense of accomplishment whether they are complex pieces of art or simple patterns that are meant to be well used until they fall to pieces.

Our show is not a juried show – in other words we do not have a judge come in and examine our work and rank our quilts on technical skill and correctness.  Our show is judged by the viewing public; the show attendees who pay to come in and see our displays.  Our quilt show is probably more like an art show.  Everyone looks at the display of quilts through their own life experience and what appeals to one person may not even garner a second glance by another.  For the most part, those viewing our quilts and voting on them don’t notice if a tiny little corner of a star was nipped into the seam or if the binding is a little wavy.  Far more important is the eye appeal to the beholder of the quilt.  The true star of our quilt show is the love and dedication that goes into the creation of each quilt.

There is a distinct feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes from seeing a project displayed for the public to see.  Please don’t be shy or think your work is not worthy.  This is your opportunity to put an entry into a show and to share with the community a small piece of what we are so passionate about.  That’s why we added the first time in the AAQG category this year.  It’s my hope that this will be the biggest class in the show.

Sandy Bolin-Townes

2015 Quilt Show Chair

February 2015 Meeting Minutes

Posted in Business on March 3rd, 2015

On the 10th of Feb., 2015, members of the guild were welcomed by President, Connie Lovelady.

The first thing on the agenda was the “Borders and Sashing” program given by Ilene Bartos. She presented a trunk show that featured many items with different boarders and sashings incorporating parts of the quilt. Her creative boarders add new dimension and designs to the quilts. She also had her published books, patterns, fabric, and kits available for sale.

After the presentation, Connie reminded us of the President’s challenge which was to design a small sample banner that is to be made for use at the North Pole booth displays and for promoting Ankeny Area Quilter’s Guild. The entries will be voted on at the March meeting.

Cathy Dimit, Vice President, covered the donation quilts and place mats turned in to date. A guild member suggested via the suggestion box that treats be served prior to the meting. Cathy took a hand count vote and it was decided to leave the treats for after the meetings. A second suggestion from the box was to purchase an AccuQuilt cutter for use at the sew ins. The board discussed the purchase but brought up the concern of who would be responsible for it, the liability issues and decided that it would have to be a next year’s board decision as it was not incorporated in the 2015 budget. A third suggestion was to ask Terry Atkins to speak at one of the guild meetings but he says he is no longer doing presentations. The final suggestion was to have more speakers who cover the new modern quilts. We have one presenter yet this year and two speakers in the coming year that will center around the modern quilt.

Anita Allwood, Retreat Chair, and Dawn Tallman, Retreat Chair Elect, covered the April 9­12, 2015, retreat registration. After March 22nd, the registration will be opened to non guild members. Prices are higher this year as the camp site raised prices for the housing and raised each meal cost. Registration can be for all days or just one day and prices will reflect the number of days attended. Registration fees will be totally refunded up till March 22.

After that, no refunds will be made. At the retreat, there will be a scissors sharpener and a massage therapist to give massages.

Sharon Bunce, Director at Large, covered the cardinal and gold fat quarter drawing and announced next month’s fat quarter drawing was poke­a­dots. Sharon also had the block of the month drawing, door prize drawing, and covered the bucket list reminder. She covered the treat sign up sheets for the next few months also.

Sandy Bolin­Townes, Quilt Show Chair, gave a very meaningful listing of why we have a quilt show. She will paste it on the website and is definitely worth reading. The show committee will be meeting before next month’s guild meeting to draw up some guide lines for the quilt show display classes.

Janet DeJager, Communication Chair, discussed the new format for the web site and monthly meeting e­blast. Janet is the 2016 quilt show coordinator and is working with the committee to get the 2016 raffle quilt started. She asked for more members to join the committee.

Lin VandeBerg, Program Chair, also is working on the survey committee and will be sending out a separate email covering the results of the survey.

Connie introduced the rest of the board personal and reminded us to sign up to work on the various committees that interest each of us. Also, the guild is compiling a list of small sewing groups that have room for new members.

After the show and tell session, treats were served.

The next guild meeting will be on March 10, 2015, and the presenter will be Rebecca Loew on “Shibori”.

February 2015 Donation Totals

Posted in Donations, Vice President's Report on February 23rd, 2015

We are doing great so far!!  Keep up the great work!!

  • Sunny View Care Center                                        45/75
  • Cops Against Cancer                                              1/3
  • Children and Family of Iowa                                   47/22
  • Place Mats for Meals on Wheels                             49/50
  1. Don’t forget that the Sunny View Care Center quilts are only 35″ x 45″ (or in the ballpark).
  2. Only 1 place mat to go!  I think we can easily over shoot our goal if we try at all!!  
  3. I am getting worried about the Cops Against Cancer.  This should be are easiest one to concur!!  I know I have one quilt out there being quilted yet.  That one will make 2.  We still need the 3rd one started and they would like a red, white, and blue quilt.  The last 2 need to be finished by the May meeting so that I can get them to Craig Phinney in time for the Auction on the first weekend of June.  This auction will be at the FFA Enrichment Center at DMACC. That is the same location of our Quilt Show.

Fond Retreat Memories…2015_02_13

Posted in Retreat on February 13th, 2015

Do you remember some of these?  What an AMAZING and talented group we had at retreat last year.  Make sure to get your registration turned in, so you can participate this year.


retreat one




A nice area to relax right off the kitchen.



Comfy bed for each of us!


Special Services Available at the AAQG Retreat!

Posted in Retreat on February 10th, 2015


Sewing machine cleaning and simple repair – $60.00 – Kevin Neitzel – Saturday – will stay til done

Massage Therapy – Brooks Lyall ½ hour or 1 hour sessions – -Saturday & perhaps Friday depending on how many sign up!

Fabric! Becky McGregor will be vending fabric by the yard and kits throughout the retreat.

Sharpening Services – Dave Jarvis – Friday
Scissors and Pinking Shears – $7.00
Small scissors – $4.00
Rotary Blades – $3.00
Kitchen Knives – $5.00