March 2014 Treasurer’s Report

Posted in Business on April 11th, 2014


2014 Budget


FYTD 2014

Act to Bud Var



Dues   & Guest Dues





Workshop   Dues





Retreat   Dues





Garage   Sale/Fundraiser




T-Shirt Sales




Quilt   Show



QS – Raffle Quilt- Ticket Sales




QS – Admissions




QS – Country Store




QS – Guild Table



QS – Food




QS – Vendor Booth Fees





QS – Miscellaneous (mag sales, appraiser)
QS – Magazine Sales




QS – Fabric Strips




QS – Workshop



QS – Pins




QS – Vendor Sponsorships




Quilt Show Sub Total





Total   Revenues

 $          30,205.00

 $             11,655.00

 $          17,522.50


Rent –   HTLC – Fellowship Hall















Printing   (Non-Quilt Show)




Challenge   Materials and Supplies











Door Prizes, Bday




Other Prizes









Post   Office Box Rental









Insurance   (liability)




Summer   Fest




Ankeny   Chamber Membership




Storage   Rental




Donation   quilt supplies











Website   Maintenance




Bank   Service Charge




Quilt   Show



QS – Displays – Pipe and Drape




QS – Speakers




QS – Bookmarks




QS – Brochures & Quilt Tags




QS – Workshop



QS – Advertising




QS – Posters For Advertising




QS – Prizes – Guild




QS – Prizes – Sponsorships




QS – Facility Rental Fees




QS – Raffle License




QS – Raffle Quilt




QS – Raffle Quilt Pictures




QS – Food




QS – Ticket Printing




QS – Sales Tax




QS – Miscellaneous




QS – Parades




QS – Pins




QS -Signage




QS – Vendor Support




Quilt Show Sub Total





Total Operating   Expenses

 $          30,205.00

 $               6,101.88

 $          13,529.58

 $        (16,675.42)

Net   Operating Profit (Loss)

 $                     -  

 $               5,177.12

 $            3,616.92

 $            3,616.92

04-08-2014 AAQG Meeting

Posted in Business on April 10th, 2014

Ann called the meeting to order and welcomed 93 members and 44 guests, and several new members.  She announced that Ankeny High School needed sewers to sew flags for the Color Guards.  If interested contact Ann or the High School.

Connie showed the progress of the donation quilts- there are over 80!  Still need a vice president, secetary, quilt show elect, program elect and communications elect for the 2014-2015 year.

The quilt show will be July 11-12, 2014 at the FFA Enrichment Center on the DMACC campus in Ankeny.  Quilt show chairs are needed, contact Connie for these positions.

Cathy reminded us of the May Challenge- a set of potholders, 4 fabrics and a flower must be included in this.  Any type of potholders are welcome.

The long awaited program starring Jenny Doan was announced and had us all at the edge of our seats listening to her.  She can create any quilt from pre-cuts and showed us how easy it is.  She had examples on the flannel board and followed that with the finished quilt.  She has blog as well as a shop in Missouri.

Next month the meeting will be Micky Mowry, and her program is: “Sew Many Pieces” and the workshop will be May 14.  There is still time to sign up for this.

The Director at large gals announced the donation kits that were needed to be completed.  They announced the door prizes and showed us the block of the month.  Cathy announced the winner for the May workshop with Micky Mowry- Ramona Tapper was the winner:)

Birthdays were announced.

There was no show and tell since it was getting very late.

Fellowship and refreshments ended the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

04-02-2014 AAQG Board Meeting

Posted in Business on April 7th, 2014

Members present: Ann Finger, Lin Vande Berg, Sharon Bunce, Anita Allwood, Connie Lovelady, Ramona Tapper, Chiristy Tigges, Janet DeJager, Cathy Dimit, and guest Janeen Vice.

Ann announced that someone from the High School contacted her if anyone was interested in making flags for the Color Guards.  She will announce this at the meeting and if interested can work with the teacher that asked.

There was discussion on the by-laws- these will need to be updated and each member of the board is asked to put together a check list of duties and if outside people are needed who are they and what do they do.  Some board members would like sub committes to help carry the weight of the position.

Connie announced that 82 donation quilts have been turned in- the process of doing a favorite part of the donation quilt has gone over very well.

April will be the last sew-night  for the year, it will be Friday, the 11th from 6-11.  This is a great way to work on projects and see what others are working on.

The following postions are open for 2014 -2015 year: Vice President, Secetary, Quilt Show elect, Communications elect or even a helper, Program Chair elect.

There are many positions open for the Quilt show see Connie Lovelady for the list.  The sign up sheet will be at the meeting with the time slots.

Lin discussed who we really need to think about what we are doing and if it follows our mission statement.  There were suggestions on the survey and would like to have a committee to addres the concerns of the group.  She will ask for a few volunteers from the general memebership.  She also suggested an “Under the Wing” program.  This would be pairing newbies with a seasoned quilter to work on a Quilts of Valor project.  More to come on that.

Upcoming programs were discussed, the board will be help with treats besides those that have signed up.  The week of guild meeting is a workshop and next month there is a program as well as a workshop.  The April meeting is $10 for guests.  Dinner with the speaker will be at 5:30 at the Olive Garden, and she will not be vendoring at the meeting.

The retreat next year is April 9-12, 2015 at Twin Lakes Christian Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

Quilt show sponsors and vendors announced

Posted in Quilt Show on April 6th, 2014

We have been very fortunate to have several quilt shops support our 2014 Petals and Patchwork Quilt Show. We are sure that these merchants will have something for everyone attending.  The following list includes quilt show vendors and show sponsors.

Adel Dry Goods

At the Heart of Quilting

Block Party Studios

Bloomin’ Minds

Boutiques and More

Cedar Creek Quilts

*Creekside Quilting

Designs on Ice

Expressions in Thread

Forest Mills Quilt Shop

Four Seasons Quilting

*Iowa Falls Sewing Machine Co.

Moonlight Stitching Studio

Nolting Longarm

Platte Branch Designs

Quilt Kits & Beyond

Quilt With Us

*Quilter’s Cupboard

Quilters Paradise

*Quilting Connection

Quilting on Main

The Quilter’s Portable

Udderly Quilts and More

WonderArc Designs

*Denotes Show Sponsors


Quilt Show Classes Announced

Posted in Quilt Show on April 6th, 2014

The Petals & Patchwork Quilt Show will include several classes.  Please contact Connie at 515-419-8088 or to register.  Space is limited.


Friday, July 11, 2014

9:30 – 12:30 – Beginning Wool Applique by Angela Lawrence

This class focuses on learning the basics of wool hand applique

Class Fee: $30

Supply List:  Will be supplied at time of registration


1:30 – 4:30 – The Pumpkin Patch by Angela Lawrence

This class focuses on learning the basics of needle turn applique

Class Fee:  $30

Supply List:  Will be supplied at time of registration


1:00 – 4:30 – Trail Mix by Mabeth OxenreiderTrail Mix

This class is a 1/2 day stash-buster workshop focused on how to use the values and textures from your fabric stash for stunning results.

Class Fee: $30

Supply List

Variety of fabrics from your stash (to make quilt 72 X 90)

  • Light – 1 ½ to 2 yards
  • Medium light, medium, medium dark and dark fabric – total of 7 to 8 yards
  • Sewing Machine, Cutting mat, Ruler, Iron and pressing surface
  • General sewing supplies


Saturday, July 12, 2014

 9:30 – 3:30 Cathedral Window Pillow by Erica Plank of ‘Unseen Hands’

Cathedral PillowJoin Erica as she teaches you an easy technique on how to make the traditional Cathedral Window block by only using your sewing machine

Class Fee:  $35

Note: You will also need to purchase the 9 inch pressing seam template which will be available for $14 at the class

Supply list:

1 ½ yards muslin or ‘background’ fabric of your choice

(12) 2 ¾ inch squares – Fabric of your choice for the center of each window section

9 inch Seam Pressing Template – Purchase at the class from Unseen Hands ($14)

Pressing surface, Large cutting mat, Rotary Cutter and Ruler, Sewing Machine

  Thread that will match the background fabric of your choice

            Pins, Seam ripper, 14 inch pillow form

3.11.2014 AAQG Meeting

Posted in Business on March 13th, 2014

President Ann Finger welcomed the members and guests to the March meeting.  Ann talked about the website- the 2014 quilt show information is out there. Hoover over the tab and there is a drop down menu for the year. She also has the tee-shirts for those that have paid for them.

Connie announced that 25 donation quilts have been turned in during the February meeting- we now have 64 donation quilts.  Our goal is to have 100!

Twenty-two vendors have signed up to vendor at the quilt show.  There are still applications out.  There will be a class a the show- Catherdal Windows will be taught by Erika Plank.  Connie has the sign up sheets ready and there are a lot of blank places.  The show is July 11 and 12, 2014, during Summerfest.  Set up for the show will be July 10th.  We will be doing the Urbandale parade again so we will need people to help.

Ann Kruse suggested to bring your own cup to the retreat, as well as a towel and a quilting tip to share.  There will be a gal doing the massages as well as someone to clean your machine.  If you plan on doing both of these the retreat chairs are working to coordinate these two activies.

Anita Allwood has the supply list of the Jenny Doan workshop- if you want to sign up let Anita know.  The Row Quilts are done so pick up your box.  Some were displayed at the back of the room and they looked outstanding!

The program was award winning  Mabeth Oxenreider.  She showed and talked about some of her blue ribbon quilts.  The quilts were jaw dropping georgous.  There is so much to look at in her quilts- as she likes to use lots and lots of fabric pieces.  Some quilts used as much as 175 differnt fabrics.  She told us she took her first class in 1980 and has not stopped quilting since that class; except when she hooks rugs to go with her quilts.

Our Directors at Large made a plea for treats for the May meeting.  They announced what was needed on the donation quilts- binding, quilting or just pick up a kit to piece a quilt.  Two people have compleded their bucket list so their name will go into a drawing for next year’s membership.  The drawing for a free class was picked- Linda Schlenker was the lucky gal!  (For every pair of mittens, scarf, hat, or diaper made names were put in a bucket and the winner of the drawing won a class)  Cathy spoke about the upcoming challenge- a set of potholder with 4 fabrics.  Doorprises were awarded, birthday’s were honored and then show and tell wrapped up the meeting.  Refreshment and fellowship finished up the March meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Ramona Tapper

Quilt Show Categories Announced

Posted in Quilt Show on March 10th, 2014

The quilt show is only a short 4 months away.  Have you began thinking of what you will put in the show this year?  The quilts in the show are the work of  local guild members.  We encourage all members to enter at least one quilt in the show.  In 2013 we had over 230 quilts on display and we want to top that this year as we have secured additional space at our quilt show venue at the FFA Enrichment Center on the DMACC campus in Ankeny.

As those of you who attended the February meeting are aware, we are adding a very special category in the quilt show this year in honor of Louann Hunt who was a prolific quilter and member of our guild.  Cindy Peters, owner of the Quilter’s Cupboard in Ankeny is sponsoring the new ‘Precuts’ quilt category in Louann’s memory.  This category includes quilts made from pre-cut fabrics that include: Jelly Rolls, Honey buns, Turnovers, Hexigons, Charm packs, Layer cakes and Candy packs.  It does not include fat quarters.

Quilt categories for the Petals and Patchwork 2014 AAQG Quilt Show:

  • Theme – Petals and Patchwork: Must have a floral theme or be made with over 50% floral fabric.  No size restriction
  • Large Pieced – Outside perimeter of 280” or more
  • Medium Pieced – Outside perimeter of 120” to 279”
  • Small or Miniature Pieced – Outside perimeter is less than 120″
  • Appliqué – No size restriction
  • Mixed Technique – No size restriction
  • Precut – No size restriction
  • Wearable/Bags
  • Original/Innovative Design


Donation Quilt Progress

Posted in Vice President's Report on March 10th, 2014

We are over half way towards our goal of 100 donation quilts for the Children and Families of Iowa.  It must be good time of the year to make quilts as 25 were provided since our February meeting.

We are still gathering mittens, hats and scarves for the elementary schools in Ankeny.  We provided 54 pairs of mittens, 32 scarves and 60 hats in December that were received by kids at the East, Southeast and Terrace elementary schools. Remember that we will be collecting these through the summer and they can be hand made, or you can purchase these as well.  With spring around the corner, look for sales on these items to keep our kids warm next winter.

Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Co. is our April 8, 2014 Speaker and Presents Workshop April 9

Posted in Programs, Workshops on March 10th, 2014

The Ankeny Area Quilters Guild is happy to have Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilts speak with us April 8, 2014!  The title of her presentation is “Have Quilts, Will Travel!”  A trip to the Missouri Star Quilt Co. web site will help you become acquainted with Jenny if you are not familiar with her work.  She has appeared on many television programs.  The web site contains numerous tutorials created by Jenny.  She is great fun to watch and has many simple and practical methods for easy and speedy quilting!  The non-member fee for attending Jenny’s lecture is $10.00 per person.

Jenny will conduct a workshop, Summer in the Park Using Honey Buns, Wednesday, April 9 from 9:30 til 3:00.  The workshop will be held at the Ankeny Parks and Recreation Lakeside Center, 400 NW Lakeshore Dr., Ankeny, IA.  Registration for non-members opens Wednesday, March 12. The non-member registration fee is $35.00.  Lunch will be served at the cost of $5.00 per person.  Only one half hour will be allowed for lunch.  If you do not want to purchase lunch you will need to bring your own. You can view a brief tutorial titled using this link Summer in the Park with Honey Buns or the Missouri Star Quilt Co. web site.  Click Tutorials and then click page 12 at the bottom of page 1. The registration form can be found below.  Please send completed registration form and  your check  for the fee to AAQG Attn:  Christy Tigges, Treas.  P.O. Box 961, Ankeny, IA  50021

Materials needed for the workshop.  a.  1 Honey bun (a honey bun consists of 40 1 1/2 x 45 inch strips); b. 1.5 yds of a solid fabric; c. a square ruler  9″ or more that has a 45 degree line on it;d. a long ruler; e. sewing machine; f. cutting board; g.basic sewing supplies.  Some irons will be available.  You may wish to bring an extension cord or power strip.

If you have any questions contact Anita Allwood at or call 641-990-7036.

Summer in the Park Registration Form


Posted in President's Letter on March 9th, 2014

It’s finally March, and hopefully spring is just around the corner.  Retreat is the end of the month, so plan the projects that you want to work on.  Several new posts have been added to the website, information on the retreat and the guild challenge among them.  If there is other info you would like to see on the website, please let one of the board members know.

We’ve been getting information on upcoming Quilt Shows and Shop Hops, we’ll have that info on the membership table at the meeting on Tuesday, March 11.

We’re halfway through our year, and it’s time to start thinking about new board members.  If you are interested in a position on the board, or would like to work on a committee behind the scenes, please let our Vice-President Connie Lovelady know.  We welcome all to help us make our guild better.  Positions that need to be filled include Vice-President, Secretary, Quilt Show Elect, Program Chair Elect, Retreat Chair Elect, and Director at Large Elect.

Enjoy the warmer weather.


Ann Finger



Baby Diapers

Posted in Donations on March 5th, 2014

Oddly enough we have 3 boxes of diaper kits that were created out of t-shirts. The Guild is providing the velcro and the elastic needed to complete the diapers.  We had a church group approach us and ask for our help to assemble the diapers.  The diapers will be shipped to Africa.  Even though this is not a quilting project, we have decided to help our community to achieve a meaningful goal.  If you want to help with this huge goal please go to the Director-At-Large table at the meetings and you will be set up with all you need.  For each diaper created by the member their name will be entered into a drawing for a chance of a free attendance to a workshop.  Thank you for your support!!!!

Mittens, Gloves, and Scarves

Posted in Donations on March 5th, 2014

This year we are collecting mittens, gloves, and scarves for children in the Ankeny School District.  It was brought to our attention that some children do not have the winter gear they need to stay warm with right here in Ankeny.  Therefore, we are asking members to provide new (purchased or created by member) or gently used mittens, gloves, and scarves.  Bring these items to the guild meetings and our Vice President, Connie Lovelady, will take them to the appropriate school personal.  Thank you so much for your generosity!!

For each article donated from a guild member their name will be entered into a drawing to win free attendance to a workshop in either April or May.

Donation Quilt Supplies

Posted in Donations on March 5th, 2014

In order to help the guild members help us reach our goal of 100 donation quilts for the 2013-2014 Guild year the board has decided that the guild will provide backing and batting for all members that request the supplies.  Please bring your quilt top to the sew-ins and the the board members will prepare the items for you.  The batting was purchased with the guild’s money.  The backing has been provided by guild member volunteers and Quilt Connection in Ames, Iowa.

2013-2014 Treat Sign Up

Posted in Director-at-Large on March 5th, 2014

The Material Girls will be providing treats for the March Meeting.  Thank you Ladies!!

The Piece Be With group will be providing treats for the April Meeting.  Thank you Ladies!!

Currently we do not have anyone signed up for the May Meeting.  Please sign up at the meeting to help out!!

Block of the Month

Posted in Business, monthly social activities on March 5th, 2014

During the 2013-2014 Guild year the Director-At-Large Elect, Sharon Bunce will be presenting a new Block of the Month for members to create.  Members have 3 options to choose from for the blocks they create. The first option is that the member may keep their blocks to assemble into their own quilt at the end of the year. Option number two, the member may keep their blocks to assemble for a donation quilt at the end of the year.  Finally, the individual may turn their block into Sharon each month.  When Sharon collects enough blocks she will assemble them into donation quilts.  All participants will be able to enter their name into the Tip Of The Month drawing after showing their completed block at the Director-At-Large table at the meeting.  At any point during the year all block patterns (to the current date) may be picked up from the Director-At-Large table.  Therefore, it is never to late to start!!!!!

2013-2014 Bucket List

Posted in Business, monthly social activities on March 5th, 2014

For the Bucket List this year a participant is to complete five projects by the July 2014 meeting. The completed projects must be taken to the guild meeting to be marked off the Bucket List. The participant is welcome to share the items during the Show & Tell portion of the meeting. Anyone who completes their entire Bucket List will be entered into a drawing for membership dues for the 2014-2015.  If a bucket list item is not completed by the July 2014 meeting it will be requested that the participant bring a food pantry item donation or a $1 for the food pantry.  If a member of the guild is interested in participating with this activity the individual is asked to talk to the Director-At-Large Elect, Sharon Bunce, at the Director-At-Large table.  She will then present the member with a form to complete.  All members may join this activity through the May guild meeting.

Tip of the Month

Posted in monthly social activities on March 5th, 2014

Each month from October 2013 –  August 2014 the Director-at-Large will be sharing a tip of hers for you try if you so desire.  If a member completes the block of the month they may enter their name in a drawing to receive the item presented during the tip of the month.  For example, during the October meeting a plastic pencil box was shown to the group.  It was explained that the pencil box was an awesome holder of the rotary cutter to keep it safe for travels.  After the tip was explained a name was drawn from those who completed the block of the month for October; and that person received the pencil box used during demonstration.

Quilt Show 2014 Information

Posted in Quilt Show on March 5th, 2014

This information is also available on the 2014 Quilt Show tab at the top of the website.

Coming up with a theme for the quilt show can be a bit daunting – so many ideas, but what to use to generate a large number of theme quilts and entice people to attend the show? This year we have taken our inspiration from our Raffle Quilt.  Sections of the quilt will be shown at the monthly guild meetings, so make sure you attend to catch a sneak peek at the work in progress.

We heard lots of great comments on last year’s raffle quilt and frankly it was hard to find a pattern to top the raffle quilt in 2013 but we’ve heard that the 2014 raffle quilt is from a  a quilt pattern that everyone wants and no one wants to make. Chalk one up for another crazy piecing and applique frenzy. If you like little pieces and blending batiks with prints, this one will be right up your alley.

Based the raffle quilt pattern, the inspiration for this year’s theme was born. Our quilt show theme for 2014 is Petals & Patchwork.

Theme related quilts should either have over 50% of the fabric be floral fabrics, or be a floral quilt design. You do not have to have floral fabrics AND a floral quilt design, but rather one or the other is fine. With the cold dark drab days of winter upon us, what a better thing to do than work with flowers while the snow is flying.

The quilt show will be the same weekend as Ankeny SummerFest July 11 and 12, 2014. We will also be in the same location as last year, the FFA Enrichment Center. We have obtained more space for this year’s show – and have the entire first floor of the building. This means an extra room the size of our lunch room will be available for more quilts, classes, etc… so get your bucket lists out and get some quilts ready for the show. We had over 230 quilts on display last year and want to have at least that many or more this year.

We are looking forward to another great show and will be starting sign ups to assist with show details in December. We are also looking for new ideas for the show. We have already heard from some of you last year, but want to continue to add to this list. If you saw something very creative or you enjoyed a lot at another show– let us know. We can’t read your minds and really want your involvement in this guild activity.

One other exciting thing about the quilt show is that we are going to have online quilt entry forms available for those of you who do everything electronic. For those of you who prefer paper, we will have these entry forms as well. We are very excited about this and will be working with Janet DeJager to get this put in place.

Interested vendors can contact Connie Lovelady at for further quilt show information.

AAQG Annual Retreat Sign up

Posted in Activities, Retreat on March 5th, 2014

The Ankeny Area Quilters Guild retreat scheduled for March 27-31 is now open to nonmembers.  There are a few openings remaining so if you are interested in attending the annual retreat, please complete the registration form along with a check for the days/nights you want to attend, and send to Sharon McCarthy whose address appears on the registration form.  If you would like to room with one or more persons and do not have a roommate, we will do our best to assist you in making those arrangements. Our cut off registration date is March 13th. 

2014 Quilt Retreat Registration

2014 Quilt Retreat Information



2014 Spring Guild Challenge

Posted in Director-at-Large on March 5th, 2014

Ankeny Area Quilters Guild 2014 Spring Challenge

“A Pair of Floral Hot Pads”


  1. This challenge is open only to current members of the Ankeny Area Quilters Guild.
  2. The member is to create a set of hot pads/mitts using a minimum of 4 fabrics for each item in the pair.
  3. A flower must be included somewhere in the project.  This could be the fabric, top design, appliqué, stitched, quilting etc. However, there is no size or amount requirement to this flower.
  4. The project must be quilted by the contestant.
  5. The project must be entirely completed by the guild member.

More Information:

  1. A 9” x 18” insulation batting piece has been provided.  Contestants may use more of their own if necessary.
  2. There will be 3 prizes: 1st ~ $30, 2nd ~ $20, and 3rd ~ $10. Each winner will also be able to choose a quilt pattern from the selection provided.
  3. Winners will be determined by a vote of everyone in attendance at the May 2014 guild meeting.

Entry Instructions:

  1. Finished entries are to be brought in a plain brown paper bag to the May 2014 guild meeting.
  2. The number provided with your batting should be pinned to the front of the entry for judging purposes.
  3. Entries should be taken to the Director-At-Large table prior to the beginning of the meeting.