October Guild Meeting Minutes

Posted in Business on October 21st, 2014

Ankeny Area Quilters’ Guild Meeting Minutes for October 14, 2014

Connie Lovelady welcomed members and visitors to the October guild meeting. She introduced the 2014-2015 Board members.

The Board and membership responsibilities were reviewed:
1. Board members are to carry out the duties of their position, make decision on behalf of the guild members, be responsible with guild budget, act as the voice for the membership as well as ears to listen to the membership, and review and enforce the bylaws and guild policies.

2. Membership responsibilities are to attend meetings, support activities, provide support for committee work, and volunteering at events. Membership is to promote quilting education, share the quilting passion with other members, and voice any concerns to the board. Any member has the right to attend the board meeting but must tell a board member they will be coming. Members are encouraged to bring their concerns to the board but will not be present during any of the voting.

It was noted that the Board reviewed the bylaws and they would be available online for the membership’s review. Paper copies would be available to those members that do not have internet access. At the November meeting we will have a vote on the bylaws. Biggest change was dropping the Mary Conkel Award.

It was decided that a member could only hold one Board position at a time. There are still two positions open, communications elect and quilt show chair elect. The president elect is filled by Cathy Dimit.

Lin VandeBerg introduced our program guest, Judy Martin, the log cabin designer.

After the very interesting program, the Directors at Large had the drawings. They promoted the Bucket List, 5 unfinished projects you want to complete this year,
There are kits, coffee cozies and table toppers, available to make for the North Pole craft sale at our booth. If you want to attend the Saturday sew-ins, you must sign up so that the proper number of sewing stations is set up. There are five donation quilts that need to be finished by someone willing to do that.

Connie reminded us of the November donation of mittens, scarves, and gloves for the Ankeny schools.

Show and tell was announced and limited to one item in attempt to shorten the meeting. Then treats were served.

The next meeting will be Nov. 11 with Connie Sue Haidle. “Quick Prep Applique”, as the program and her workshop on Sat., Nov. 15th.


October 2014 Prize Winners

Posted in Director-at-Large on October 14th, 2014

Winner of the Block of the Month drawing was Dawn Tallman.

Winner of the Fat Quarter Lottery was Ramona Tapper.

Door Prize winners were:  Debbie Pierschbacher, Alene Bailey, Shirley Bauge, Arlene Greenough, Kayleen Conter and Donita Link

Congratulations to all the winners this month.

Updated By-Laws are available

Posted in Business on October 13th, 2014

Please review the proposed changes to the AAQG By-Laws.  There will be a vote at our November meeting for members to approve the updates.

AAQG Updated By-Laws

2014.11.22 November Saturday Sew-in!

Posted in Business on October 12th, 2014

New this fall, in response to member requests on the guild survey done last winter, we are adding some Saturday sew-ins!  Ten members came for the kick-off on Saturday, October 25, 2014 and we had a great time!

Join us next time, on:

Saturday, November 22, 2014, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

These additional Sew-ins will be held in an upstairs classroom (there is an elevator) and space is limited, so please sign up for these Saturday sessions, either at our guild meetings or by contacting Lin VandeBerg at programs@aaqg.net ,  or by calling Deb Dickerson (see your membership directory for phone numbers). Deb will be hosting these events.

2014.11.11 Quick Prep Applique Program and Workshop

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November 2014  Program and Workshop

Connie Sue Haidle of Apple Blossom quilts will be our guest at the November 11 meeting, with her presentation, “Quick Prep Applique.”

On Saturday, November 15, she will be teaching a workshop for us from 9 am – 4 pm on her Quick Prep Applique technique. This is needle turn applique using a form of back basting, but with fast and easy prep. She says, “In this Quick Prep method that I developed, there are no freezer or Mylar templates or overlays, eliminating all the fuss and muss. Although this class is designed for the beginner, more experienced appliquers will learn much from the material presented.  During the first part of the class, I will offer tips to help sharpen your needle turn appliqué, particularly inner and outer points.  During the second half of the class you will learn to line your appliqué patches the Quick Prep Applique way.  You will also learn to do a split leaf, very narrow stems and very round berries.”

The class will be held at Holy Trinity and the cost (payable with your registration) is $30 members/$40 non-members, which includes lunch and a kit for the class (provided by the instructor, which she values at $20.) The kit includes applique fabric, a packet of needles, applique turner, spool of 100% silk thread, sampler sheet, and a beginner’s applique pattern. Students should bring a fat quarter of good quality, light-colored muslin or other light-colored background fabric, scissors, a needle threader &/or thimble (if you normally use one), one spool each of 50 wt or heavier white or very light-colored and black or very dark-colored thread, pins, a #2 lead pencil, and a large needle (size 5, 6, 7 or 8.)  To see examples of Connie Sue’s work, visit her website at http://www.appleblossomquilts.com. Registration forms will be available at the October 14th guild meeting, or by contacting Lin VandeBerg at programs@aaqg.net.


Workshop Registration Form

10/2014 Director-At-Large Happenings

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The Fat Quarter Lottery continues.  October’s theme is “Black & Gold Hawkeye” fabric.  Bring a fat quarter the follows the monthly theme and your name will be entered in a drawing to win the fat quarters.

Bring your completed Block of the Month and your name will be entered in a drawing to win a prize.

It’s time to create your Bucket List.  Think of 5 projects you want to complete prior to the 2015 quilt show.  Put them on paper and commit to completing them.  Anyone with all 5 projects completed by the deadline will be entered into a drawing for free membership dues for next year. ($30 value)

October 14th treats will be provided by Pat Taylor, Joann Olson, Fonda Wentstead, Pam Koelling and Carole Potaracke.  The Guild will furnish paper products to serve the treats.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Tuesday’s meeting.

Directors-At-Large….Sharon Bunce and Janeen Vice

October 14 Guild Meeting: Judy Martin

Posted in Programs on September 29th, 2014

Please join us at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny on Tuesday, October 14 at 7:00 pm for our program “Log Cabin Quilts: Exploring Secondary Patterns” by Judy Martin.




October 2014 Judy Martin-1















Board Meeting Minutes for Sept. 2, 2014

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Ankeny Area Quilters’ Guild Board Meeting Minutes for September 2, 2014

President Connie Lovelady opened the September board meeting. Linda Sprague, Christy Tigges, Sharon Bunce, Janeen Vice, Anita Allwood, Dawn Tallman, Lin VandeBerg, Peggy Vespestad, Sandy Bolin-Townes, and Janet DeJager were all present. Connie welcomed the new members to the board as we went around the table and introduced ourselves. She then asked us to confirm our contact information so Janet DeJagger can update the web sight records.

Connie reminded us of the weather policy that if Ankeny schools were closed the board or guild meetings would be cancelled. Opinions were asked for and approved about having an e-mail meeting for the months that we have a very short meeting agenda or a cancelled meeting.

Goals/objectives for 2015 were covered:

Board members were asked to:

  1. Check with our membership for people willing to fill three open positions, Vice Pres., Quilt Show Chair Elect, and Communications Elect.
  2. Review in depth the membership booklet, such as the board position information, financial information access, and the Mary Conkel award.
  3. Suggest guild members to serve on a separate committee to review the 2014 Guild Membership Survey.
  4. Bring ideas to increase membership and develop a buddy/mentor and follow up phone calls to these new members.
  5. Think of ways to develop community involvement such as possibly a high school scholarship.
  6. Identify strategies for recruiting of board members by creating a more detailed task list, timeline, and a nominating committee.
  7. Ideas of how to increase facebook and twitter media and update the website to be more user friendly and “look and feel” of it.
  8. Understand how to share information by website updates, and how to make the updates. Janet DeJager said she would be more than willing to give us instructions.

Board Member Updates:

Quilt Show:

  1. Chair, Sandy Bolin-Townes, reported that the contract for the 2015 show has been signed for the same location as last year.
  2. The raffle quilt blocks are being completed.
  3. We will be having a booth, costing $150, at the North Pole event and members will be asked to donate items to sell but the main emphasis will be selling of raffle tickets.


  1. Chair, Anita Allwood, reported Twin Lakes Bible Camp is the location for April 9-12, 2015, and the cost is being determined at this time.
  2. Sew ins are scheduled for 10/17/14, 1/16/15, 2/13/15, 4/17/15, and the date for one more is being determined at this time.

Director at Large:

  1. Chair, Sharon Bunce, reported plans are still being formulated for monthly activities, one of which is fat quarter exchange.
  2. Labels for donation quilts will be made available.


  1. September’s speaker, Catherine Noll Litwinow, will share “What’s with the Hats; Calico Cathy meets Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam”.
  2. Chair, Lin VandeBerg, says the guest speaker dinner will be at the Waterfront Seafood Restaurant at 5:15 on 9/9/14.


  1. Chair, Janet DeJager, will be adding the quilt show pictures to the website.


  1. Donation of $150 to Holy Trinity Lutheran for the use of the meeting room as approved by Anita Allwood and seconded by Lin VandeBerg


  1. Linda Sprague is to meet with Ramona Tapper to get supplies and the new membership packets for the September meeting.
  2. The membership listing will be updated after the Oct. guild meeting.

Email Blast Content:

Meeting notice to go out to guild membership is to include the $5 refund for bringing a new member, $5 membership reduction for new members, open board position, meeting time, location, and speaker, treat suppliers, and director at large activities.

2015 Budget:

  1. Christy Tigges opened the discussion of the 2015 budget. Some line items were deleted as they no longer apply; some monies were reassigned or combined with other line items. No major items were discussed.
  2. Sandy Bolin-Townes opened the discussion of the 2015 quilt show budget. The biggest issue was the timing of the expenses for the 2015 raffle quilt for its presentation at the North Pole and parade use.
  3. The 2015 budget was approved by Lin VandeBerg and seconded by Sharon Bunce.

The next board meeting will be October 7, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting was adjourned.