December 2015 President Report

Posted in President's Letter on November 22nd, 2015

I am so excited about the December meeting!!  We are having a potluck.  Please arrive by 6:30pm with a potluck dish in hand. During this meeting we will also have a get to know you event and the President’s Challenge.  I have 42 competitors for this event and three have already turned theirs in.  If the rest of the placemats are anything like the first 3 this will be some competion!!  There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  They will be gift certificates to Quilters Cupboard in Ankeny. Bring your placement to me with only the number on it in the upper left hand corner.  I can’t wait to see the imagination that will be presented!!  Good Luck!!

Your President,

Cathy Dimit

November 2015 President Report

Posted in Business on November 1st, 2015

Hi, everyone!

The President Challenge was announced last month.  I have 34 members participating.  Rumors have it that some of them have already completed the project and it took them less than a day.  I was hoping to have 50 members participate.  So that leaves 16 more members to sign up this month. Here is the project.  The member takes an assigned orphan block and converts it to a 12″ x 18″ placemat. The judging will take place at the December meeting with the members in attendance voting.  1st,, 2nd, and 3rd prizes will be awarded.

The next Sew-In will be Saturday, November 21 from 9am-10pm. Members are welcome to come and go as they please.  Strips will be provided for dontation quilts and/or country store items.  Bring your own patterns. You are welcome to work on your Christmas gifts or anything else you would like to complete – say bucket list.  Fill free to bring any project you would like to have help with.  I am sure someone there will be able to help you.  Demonstrations on tools or gadgets you may have would also be welcome. Finally, the backing and batting for donation quilts will be available.    It should be a great day to get to know one another better!!

The speaker this month will be  JoAnn Belling, “Tips for Organizing Yourself & Your Quilting Workroom”.  I am really looking forward to this as organizing my sewing room is on my bucket list.

On Saturday, Nov 14th, JoAnn will be having a workshop “Stars & Geese”. Details and the sign up sheet will be available at the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you all!!
Your President,

Cathy Dimit

October 2015 President Report

Posted in President's Letter on October 5th, 2015

Hi everyone!!

I just wanted to check in and give you a few updates.

We have a full board!!!  YEAH!!!!! The board plans on being very busy this year, as in all years, to keep our guild running smoothly. Please make sure to put your suggestions in the suggestion box for us to consider!!

There will not be a sew-in this month. The next sew-in date is Saturday, Nov. 21. The theme for this event will be strip quilts.  We will provide a strip tub for you to make donation quilts and/or country store items with.  Bring your own patterns though. Remember this is only an option!!  You can sew on anything you want: something for yourself, a friend, donation, or country store. It would be great if you brought a special tool or gadget to share with the group.  We most certainly do not know everything when it comes to quilting!  The sew-in is a great time to share your knowledge!! The sew-in will last from 9am until 10pm.  However, you can come and go as you please!!  You can even just drop in and say hi.

Our speaker this month is Katheryn Russi with the presentation “My Evolution as a Quilter & Designer”. Our Director at Large will have the mystery quilt plans ready to go. I will have your first challenge of the year prepared for you.  I hope many of you join in on the fun.  The voting on the challenge will take place in December.

Hope to see you all at the meeting!!

Your President,

Cathy Dimit

2015 Donation Quilts

Posted in Donations, Vice President's Report on August 2nd, 2015

I wanted to inform you that the donation quilts have been delivered to Children and Family of Iowa, Endure Iowa, Wesley Community Meals on Wheels, and Sunny View Care Center.  I was able to see so many happy people along with Ann Finger, Deb Dickerson, and Angela Bartelman. You can see some of them if you look at the pictures I put under the donation section of the web site.

Ann and I were able to deliver several quilts at Sunny View directly to the patients.  The individuals not available at the time would have their quilts delivered to them by the resident activity director.  The residents we were able to talk to were very excited.  I am convinced that we brought a happy moment to their lives!!

The donation coordinators at Children and Family of Iowa seemed to be very delighted in our donations that Ann, Deb, and I delivered.  We had a nice conversation about the areas within the organization our quilts would go to.  We shared with them about the quilts.  Things like the sizes, types, our system for making some of them, and our fantastic people that created them. They are looking forward to future donations!

Endure Iowa could not be more than delighted with the quantity and quality of the quilts Angela and I took in.  They asked if there were rules for them to follow in how we wanted them to use the quilts. We said however they saw would best fit there organization.  They thought they would pick out a couple for the auction fund raisers, put a couple on display in the office for others to see what type of things are in the care kits, and then the rest to be put in the care kits.  They were uncertain how fast they would go through the quilts as they have not had a donation like this before.  They plan on reporting to Angela to how well the quilts are received and any future thoughts for our donations. They were simply excited!!

Meals on Wheels also received Angela and I with big smiles.  They said that their meal recipients would truly enjoy receiving the place mats. They really do brighten up the individuals day!

I have not been able to to get in contact with Cops Against Cancer.  I will keep you posted.

All of us that participated in any way for donations should be very proud.  We made a lot of very happy people in our community. WE DID GOOD!!!


Vice President Cathy Dimit


July 2015 Donation Quilt Counts

Posted in Donations, Vice President's Report on July 17th, 2015

If you went to the quilt show you should have seen the donation quilts on display.  What a display it was!!!  It was a very strong visual of our hard work to help those in the community.  I wish I would have taken a picture.  Taking pictures is one thing I am really bad at.

Here are the counts after the July meeting:

Children and Family of Iowa         84

Sunny View Care Center                 80

Endure Iowa                                      49                                     TOTAL:  217 Quilts + 69 Place mats

Meals on Wheals (Placemats)        69                                        (We doubled our yearly goal!!!)

Cops Against Cancer                        4

I will begin delivering quilts on Monday, July 20.  Hopefully I will remember pictures so that you all can see the happy faces I receive.

Respectfully Yours,

Cathy Dimit, President Elect

Fond Retreat Memories…2015_02_13

Posted in Retreat on February 13th, 2015

Do you remember some of these?  What an AMAZING and talented group we had at retreat last year.  Make sure to get your registration turned in, so you can participate this year.


retreat one




A nice area to relax right off the kitchen.



Comfy bed for each of us!


Donation Quilt Supplies

Posted in Donations, Vice President's Report on December 6th, 2014


In order to help the guild members help us reach our goal of 100 donation quilts for the 2014-2015 Guild year the board has decided that the guild will continue to provide backing and batting for all members that request the supplies.  Please bring your quilt top to the sew-ins or the Guild meetings and the Sew-In Committee will prepare the items for you.  The batting was purchased with the guild’s money.  The backing has been provided by guild member volunteers.

Guild members have also donated other fabrics that are put into kits to create donation quilts.  The kits may be picked up at the Guild meetings.

We are continuing to have quilts available at different stages of creation so that members that are interested in one stage of the quilt may do so.  For example, if you love doing binding during t.v. viewing then you may pick up only the quilts that need binding.  If you want to get practice with your new long arm or a new long arm design then you can pick up the quilts that need quilting.  If your favorite joy is just piecing then by all means pick up a kit!!  Of course, if you want to create a quilt from beginning to end you most certainly can do so!!  The choice is all yours!!!  We believe more hands bring greater rewards!!

Happy Creating!!!!

2015 Quilt Show Raffle Quilt Top

Posted in Uncategorized on November 30th, 2014

This is the finished quilt top for our raffle quilt!  It is in Kalona right now with the hand quilting in progress.  The name of the pattern is “Amish With a Twist II”.  Thanks to all who helped with making the quilt top.

2015 Raffle Quilt Top