Director at Large Challenge

2019 Director at Large Challenge:  
Due at June 11th meeting

 This year’s challenge will be in keeping with our quilt show theme of “Freedom”. 

  • Red, white and blue fabrics should be used, along with any other colors your choose.
  • There is no size requirement, table topper, wall hanging or  full size quilt.
  • It needs to have at least 1 star block.
  • Design and name your quilt with our choice of a date or event or monument in our Nation’s history that represents Freedom to you. Suggestions ( The Declaration of Independence, The emancipation Proclamation, Women obtaining the right to vote, D-Day, Pearl Harbor, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Bill of Rights, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, National Freedom day, Liberty bell, Thanksgiving day, Freedom of Speech). Feel Free to express your ideas of Freedom.
  • Attach a note to the front of your quilt naming the event that you chose.
  • We would also like to see items entered in the Director at Large Challenge entered into the Freedom classification of the quilt show.




Prior Director at Large Challenges:

2nd Block Variations of the Disappearing 9 patch presented in November,

1st Block Square dance presented in September

you start with  two 10″ squares or two 5″ squares to complete your block. Here is a link to a video tutorial   different name but the same block


Director at Large September/October 2017 challenge. 


Create a new name tag.  You decide the size and mediums you wish to use to create your name tag.  We would like you to use a spool of thread logo like the guild logo if possible.  BE CREATIVE! We will vote on most creative at our November meeting



Our Director at Large and Director at Large Elect run several activities for us through out the year. Each year is different.